Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wet & Wild

Today we went to something called a water park. Everything was very wet there.

I refused to keep my hat on so Mommy put sunscreen on my scalp. That's a lot harder to do now that I actually have some hair.

First I played with Daddy while Mommy and Denny went on the big kid rides. Then we all played together.

Then Mommy and I dried off and lounged on the astroturf while Daddy and Denny went on rides. I made lots of friends - I climbed on people, stole their hats and sunglasses, went through their bags, and ate their food.

When I was eating their potato chips, Mommy is pretty sure she heard me ask for "more."

Aside from chips, pretzels, and some fruit, I didn't really eat anything today. My second tooth popped through and my gums are bothering me. Mommy was so desperate to get some nutrients into me this morning that she gave me a cup of milk for the first time. I drank it happily.


Grandma said...

Hooray, you have 2 teeth! So many things are happening now that you are 1 year old. You are talking & signing. It's fun to read about all you do.

Grandma said...

glad you had fun at the water park ! I liked seeing you go down the slide with daddy. Your mommy & Uncle Izzy always liked water rides. Hope to take you to Cedar Point in Ohio when you are bigger so you can get really wet on the rides they liked.