Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Position Filled: Baby Translator

Ami: I am so lucky my sister speaks Baby. She translates for me all the time. When I was crying today, Mommy asked if I wanted a paci or milk. Eliana said milk. Sure enough, that's exactly why I was crying.

When we're in the car she often tells the driver "Ami no like bumps." She must be a mind reader - I don't even cry or anything!

Eliana: I also know when he's cold - even when he's wearing three layers. I make sure to cover him or tell someone to cover him. "Ami needs banket."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Eliana: Months ago Daddy bought me a book of fairy tales in London. Mommy and Daddy have been indoctrinating me, reading me the story of Go'locks and the Three Bears whenever I'm willing to listen. It worked. They got me all excited about my costume for Purim. Of course, when Mommy was making bear hats for Daddy, Ami and herself I wanted to know where mine was. (Uncle Izzy predicted that would happen.) I was thrilled to wear my costume to school on Sunday. But every day it got a little less fun until I had to be bribed to get into my costume for th Purim meal at Aunt Rachel's house today. And I refused to wear pigtails anymore. But that was ok because it was so hot today that Mommy didn't have the heart to make Ami wear his sweatsuit and fleece hat either.

Here I am with my teacher, Mo' Innea (Morah Andrea):

Here I am giving Ami a pretend bottle:

Playing Goldilocks with Yuval: