Friday, August 10, 2007

Friendly Faces

We went out for lunch with Saba and Yaya for their anniversary. I couln't take my eyes off Yaya's Michal Negrin bag but she wouldn't let me have it. She said it was a birthday present for somebody. Maybe I'll get some jewelry for my birthday that's coming up.
I entertained myself with sugar packets as usual, until the food came. When I got bored I turned around in my high chair and joined the family at the next table. They offered me some of their omelette, but I just wanted to chat. Later when Mommy released me from the high chair, I went over to another table and made more friends. I cruised back and for between tables, and then I sat on a lady's lap and read the paper with her and played with her phone.

I have been busy since yesterday, pulling the last few books out of my book shelf so there will be room for me to fit inside. Now that I can play in my club house, I have to redecorate. Sometimes I'll bring one book in to read, but other times I'll grab a pencil and a marker and threaten to make major architectural renovations.

Mommy and Grandma watched me playing with te laundry hamper for a long time. I don't know what they thought was so funny. When I was done, the hamper was empty and the dirty laundry was in the washing machine. (OK, so it was only one shirt. Do you expect me to be doing whole loads of laundry? I'm only a baby!)

I wonder when Mommy will find her credit card, which I hid at the bottom of the hamper (answer: 2 days later).

When I realize that Mommy is getting my bath ready, I get SO excited. If Mommy picks me up and takes me out of the bathroom to lay out my clothes for after my bath, I start screaming that she is taking me away from the tub! She has to learn to get everything ready before she turns the water on. Otherwise it's just plain mean.

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