Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tonight Mommy went to visit her friend Steff in Rishon L'Tzion. Steff is 23 weeks pregnant and Mommy is 9 weeks pregnant, so the babies will be 14 weeks apart!

Mommy hasn't told anyone she is pregnant - she even stopped going to her dietician so she wouldn't have to explain why she's been eating nothing but crackers! But she had to tell Steff tonight because there was no way they could spend 3 hours together chatting without it coming up!

Mommy and Steff had so much fun talking about pregnancy, babies, birth, parenting, and baby gear! It was also nice to have someone to confide in! (Daddy is wonderful, but he doesn't know what it's like to be pregnant!)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bubbie!

Today Mommy went through the same thing with Saba-Raba and with Bubbie that she did with Zayde and Grandma yesterday.

Saba-Raba was so excited he could barely speak! He started to read the poem (modified here and there for Bubbie) but got choked up and couldn't finish!

Bubbie has been in the hospital for awhile for her breathing problems, so Saba-Raba brought the ultrasound picture and the flowers to her in the hospital. He was so flustered that he forgot to bring the card! Bubbie was thrilled with the news. Both said they have been talking about this every day for years.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma & Bubbie!

Tomorrow is Grandma Helene's 50th birthday and Great-Grandmom Helen's 70th birthday. They are getting a BIG surprise for their presents!

Mommy emailed Baby's ultrasound picture to Zayde (she got the ultrasound done yesterday, especially for the birthdays) and called him on the phone. Zayde was so surprised and happy! He helped Mommy make a birthday card, printed it out, and bought flowers (irises). Then he went home from work early to deliver them to Grandma before her flight to celebrate her birthday with Great-Aunt Ruthie and Nachama in Tampa.

When Grandma opened the card, she was so surprised she had to sit down! She couldn't even see straight, so Zayde had to dial the phone. Grandma said it was the best present ever!

Here is the poem that Mommy wrote in the birthday card:

My little hands can't write yet,
My little mouth can't speak.
I can't yet hug you, Grandma,
Or kiss you on the cheek.

But still I want to wish you
A happy day today -
Though we'll have to wait awhile
Till you can come and play.

I cannot wait to meet you
I know I'll love you so.
But until September
I need more time to grow.

So I'll wait here in Mommy's belly
Floating in the water.
But I'll be thinking of you, Grandma.

Your Grandson or Granddaughter