Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growth Chart

Today I went for my one-year checkup. I got my MMR vaccine and a hepatitis vaccine. I weighed 7.93 kilo (17.5 pounds) - officially less than Amitai, who is 4 months old - and measured 73.5 cm (28.9 inches) long.

Mommy led sing & sign for 8 kids and then I "rode" my trike (OK, Mommy pushed me) all the way to the park and back.

I also said "Dada" today - and meant it! Daddy says I've been doing that for weeks. Mommy says I've been calling everyone "Dada" for weeks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bookworm (or "Happy Unbirthday to Me")

This morning I made Mommy read me "The Poky Little Puppy" over and over again. She says it must have been at least 10 times but I think it was only like five. She begged me to choose a different book - I don't know why she got sick of it so fast - so I let her read me a counting book a couple of times and then a farm animal book three or four times. I really liked the animal book. I even said "moo" one time when we got to the cow page.

We played with a stuffed dog and when Mommy told me it was a dog, I got really excited and said "dog, dog!" and scrambled across the apartment to look for Coby. But Coby was tied up outside so Mommy took me to the window, where I screeched to get Coby's attention.

When it got to be noontime, I signed "eat" so Mommy dutifully put me in my high chair, put a bib on me, and gave me some meatloaf. I threw the meatloaf on the floor and signed "eat" again so Mommy cleaned me up and put me in bed. She's finally learning!

Later we went swimming with my friends Shelly and Amitai and their mommies. Then we all went out for ice cream to celebrate my "unbirthday." Daddy let me eat the ice cream with my hands.

After that I was SO tired I sang the blues (as Grandma would say) all the way home. Mommy washed the ice cream off me (I was covered in it from head to toe) and I went straight to bed.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I definitely said "moe" today when I was eating Mommy's yummy apple cinnamon kugel.

I also discovered something really ingenious: Cheerios in milk! First I let Mommy feed it to me with a spoon. Then I grabbed handfuls of Cheerios and fed myself. Then I tried drinking straight out of the bowl. Next I took a spoonful olf Cheerios and then used my hands to get them from the spoon to my mouth. Finally, I tried usin the spoon myself. I think this "Cheerios in milk" phenomenon is going to be BIG!

Mommy is getting really frustrated with me and sometimes she wonders if she ever should have taught me sign language. I will finish eating, tell her I'm all done, and she'll take me out of the high chair, clean me up, and put me on the floor to play. A few minutes later I sign "eat" again, she puts me back in the high chair, puts my bib on, and finds me something else to eat. Then I throw most of it on the floor (I'm very into throwing things lately - not just dropping but throwing them as far as I can), maybe take a couple of bites, and tell her I'm all done. I will repeat this four or five (or more) times and start getting really mad when she offers me food but she doesn't know what else to do. Then when she sees how cranky I am she decides to put me in bed. Which is what I was trying to tell her in the first place. It's not my fauly she never taught me the sign for "sleepy!" Either I just think "eat" is the sign for "I need something," or maybe I'm using it to sign "I want to nurse," which means getting ready for bed. I hope she either figures out what I'm talking about soon, or else teaches me to sign "sleepy," because this is getting ridiculous.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Smarty Pants

Yesterday we went to visit Ezra and Rachel (our downstairs neighbors). When we were waiting for them to open the door, I grabbed the doorknob and said "doh."

Later when I was eating, I said "duh!" Mommy didn't understand at first, but then she asked me, "are you done?" and I signed "all done" to show her that's what I meant.

Then Mommy wanted to read me a story but she was too lazy to get up and walk to the book shelf. So she asked me to bring her a book. I crawled to the book shelf, got a book, and came back to her.

Today I was playing with the Alphabet Pal that Saba Raba and Bubbie got me for my birthday. I pushed the buttons and they made letter sounds like "k," "t," "g," and "d" and I immitated them!

Zayde says not only am I smart but it's scary how smart I am!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Language Explosion

When Daddy brought me to Mommy in bed this morning, I picked up her book and said "Gook." I wouldn't say it again all day, though. Was it just a coincidence?

After I'd eaten lots and lots of pretzels today and Mommy took them away, I pointed at them and said "dut." Mommy thought I was saying I wanted "that," and that I say it about all the "dut"s that I want. But I say "dut" "dut" "dut" all day long, so who knows?

In the bathtub this evening, when Mommy said and signed "bath," I signed it right back at her!

When I was talking on the phone I said what sounded like a very clear "hello," but I didn't repeat it after that. I guess we'll find out whether I meant it if I do it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wet & Wild

Today we went to something called a water park. Everything was very wet there.

I refused to keep my hat on so Mommy put sunscreen on my scalp. That's a lot harder to do now that I actually have some hair.

First I played with Daddy while Mommy and Denny went on the big kid rides. Then we all played together.

Then Mommy and I dried off and lounged on the astroturf while Daddy and Denny went on rides. I made lots of friends - I climbed on people, stole their hats and sunglasses, went through their bags, and ate their food.

When I was eating their potato chips, Mommy is pretty sure she heard me ask for "more."

Aside from chips, pretzels, and some fruit, I didn't really eat anything today. My second tooth popped through and my gums are bothering me. Mommy was so desperate to get some nutrients into me this morning that she gave me a cup of milk for the first time. I drank it happily.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Talker

Mommy FINALLY realized what I've been trying to tell her all along - I can talk! I've been saying "dog" for at least a few days. Today we were out riding my new tricycle that Saba and Yaya bought me for my birthday, and I saw the neighbors' dogs and said "dog." Later we saw a cat and I said "dog" again (close enough), and then another dog and I said it again. I also say it when I see Coby. I said it when I saw the neighbors' dogs lastnesday when we were out with Denny, buthe and Mommy weren't sure if it was just a coincidence. Today I showed her that it wasn't.

When I was ready to get out of the bath tub this evening I stood up, put my hands out and said "up." Grandma thought she heard me say "up" yesterday but Mommy dismissed it (again) as coincidence. When I said it tonight, Daddy said "I TOLD you she's been saying "up" for at least a week!" At least somebody believed me!

I also understand lots of words and signs, like "book," "ball" and "balloon." (I guess I like "B" words.) I will look for these things, or go get them, when someone says or signs the word.

I am on a food strike again. Now that I know what cake tastes like, I know there is better stuff out there than all this healthy food Mommy and Daddy are trying to feed me. I will only eat yogurt, pizza, or pasta. And maybe some fruit if they're lucky. I ate all the cheese off three slizes of pizza for dinner. Some of the crust, too, but Mommy didn't want me to fill up on empty calories.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Fun to be One

Today is my birthday (whatever that is). I am learning lots of new skills in honor of this milestone.

On Friday at bath time, when Mommy held out the washcloth, I put my face right into it to help her wash me. I am learning so many things.

On Shabbat morning Daddy fed me leftover birthday cake as dessert after my breakfast. Mommy told him I don't get junk food (unless it is a special occasion, like my birthday party) until I am old enough to ask for it. I AM asking for it. It's not my fault they don't understand me!

I love to play with my new Bimba (ride-on car) from Aunt Tahli, Uncle Tomer, Yuvali and Yoavi. Mommy taught me how to open the trunk, and I am trying to figure out how to sort the shapes into the right holes. I like to watch Mommy put them in and I hand her the shapes so she can show me where they go.

Sometimes when I stand up and hold onto the Bimba it starts rolling away. I have to walk very fast to keep up with it. Mommy and Daddy clap and cheer when I do that, but I'm not really doing it on purpose - yet.

Over the weekend I discovered that cabinets open and close. Every time I find a new cabinet, Mommy locks it. Except for the ones with my toys in it. She switches the toys in the cabinet with the ones in the toy box so I'll be surprised. I like to open and close the cabinets again and again and again.

This morning during breakfast Mommy thought she saw me signing the word "eat" but she wasn't sure. Later at the park I definitely signed "eat" so she took me home for lunch. I signed "eat" throughout the meal. When I want a drink I just reach for my cup, though.
"Eat" is the second sign I know. I have been doing "all done" for at least a month. I do it when I'm done eating or ready to get out of the tub - but sometimes I'm lazy and I just wave instead of really signing. The sign for "eat" is much more recognizable.
I also have much more patience now that I am one. I can sit and wait and watch Mommy preparing my food, instead of just screaming that I'm hungry.

When we were playing this afternoon, Mommy cradled my dolly and gave her a kiss. Then she asked me to give the dolly a kiss and I did!

Soon I will try to get all these tricks on video for you.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Party Time

When I woke up from my nap today there was a big surprise waiting for me. Denny dressed me in a fancy new outfit and took me downstairs to the lobby, which was decorated with pink and purple balloons and full of people who love me.

There were pizzas, fruit and two beautiful cakes that Mommy made for me. Everyone had to share the big one, but I got the little one all to myself (it looked pretty big to me)!

I mostly played with the frosting. It was so fun to play with that I'm not sure I actually ate any of it.

I tried to take one fairly dainty lick from the top of the cake, but Mommy missed the photo Daddy pushed the cake into my face. Then Coby helped clean me off.

When we finished eating and singing,

it was time for the pool party. All us kids got into our bathing suits and splashed around until my friends had to go home.

Then I went upstairs to open my presents. (Well, Mommy opened them while I climbed on them.)

Grandma called to sing me "Happy Birthday."

I put her on hold a couple of times - I was really busy. I also hung up on her by accident, so Mommy didn't let me talk to her anymore after that.

I went to bed nicely. Mommy says I didn't know today was different than any other day, because I always think everyone and everything around me is there just for me. She also says that I probably forgot about the party as soon as it was over.

Little does she know that all night I dreamed of chocolate cake with pink icing.

P.S. Unfortunately the Tigers lost today. Daddy was right, they needed me at the game. Oh well, we'll get 'em next year!

Lucky Charm

Daddy has been giving me walking lessons in the mornings. He gives me one thing in each hand (crackers, for example) and then holds out something better (a piece of fruit, for example) for me to try to walk to so I can get it with my mouth. This morning I took two steps - twice! Mommy keeps missing it. I want to keep her on her toes. She'll have to stay with me ALL the time so she doesn't miss it!

We went to the quarter finals of the baseball championship today - a Netanya Tigers home game agains the Ra'anana Express. I ate half a tuna sandwich at the game. That's a lot of tuna sandwich!

I insisted on being picked up by at least three different strangers sitting near me at the game. I also had a fascinating telephone conversation with one of them.

It was a great game and we won 3-0! I really am their lucky charm! They always win when I go to the games.

Daddy said we might have to cancel my birthday party tomorrow so I can go to the semi-finals. We will definitely go to the championship game on Sunday if Netanya makes it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're Cousins...Identical Cousins...

Mommy's identical cousin Mindy isn't in Israel anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't try.

Here I am with Mommy and Denny in our matching hot pink and denim outfits.

We went to the mall and the Gymboree dressed like this. I held my arms out for everyone to pick me up. A saleslady in a clothes store, the lady that worked at the Gymboree, and the daddy of some random baby I was playing with.

Here is a picture Mommy FINALLY got of my tooth!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beach Baby

I went to the beach with Mommy, Daddy, Saba, Yaya, Denny and Yuvali. What a fun place! It's like one big giant sandbox next to one big giant pool. But the water in the pool comes and goes, so it's much more fun because you're always getting surprised by these things called waves!

Yaya and Yuvali made me little pool of my own. I had fun climbing in and out of it.

I tasted the sand. It was ok. Saltier than the sand at the park, I think. That's probably from the salty ocean water.

I also collected lots of seashells.

I was NOT happy when the grownups said it was time to get out of the water and sit in the shade so I wouldn't get burned. I screamed and flailed and tried to get them to put me back in the water, but no such luck.

Instead they brought a bucket of water for me to play with in the shade.

I played catch with Mommy for awhile. Yaya said I'm so smart she's going to start calling me Smartina. Saba, Daddy, and Yuvali went to buy popsicles and I got a lick from each one!

When it was time to go home, Mommy held me under a cold shower and then put me in a really cute new outfit.

On the way home, Daddy and I stopped at the Likud election and met the Moshe Feiglin clown, who drew my caricature.

I had fun in the bath. Mommy rinses my hair with water from an empty Trixera bottle. Sometimes I try to drink the water from the bottle. After my bath I brushed my hair all by myself!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad Dog

A few nights ago I woke up at least five times in the middle of the night. It must be those durn teeth. When are they coming in already? But Baruch Hashem I have been sleeping better the last two nights.

Mommy has been working hard to make me the perfect birthday cake. She started early to make sure she'd get it just right. It's a good thing, too, because when we got home yesterday afternoon, 2/3 of the cake was on the kitchen floor and Coby was sick as a dog (no pun intended). Luckily Mommy has plenty of time to make a new cake.

Don't worry, Coby is still a baby's best friend. (Except when he gets too excited and knocks me over.)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friendly Faces

We went out for lunch with Saba and Yaya for their anniversary. I couln't take my eyes off Yaya's Michal Negrin bag but she wouldn't let me have it. She said it was a birthday present for somebody. Maybe I'll get some jewelry for my birthday that's coming up.
I entertained myself with sugar packets as usual, until the food came. When I got bored I turned around in my high chair and joined the family at the next table. They offered me some of their omelette, but I just wanted to chat. Later when Mommy released me from the high chair, I went over to another table and made more friends. I cruised back and for between tables, and then I sat on a lady's lap and read the paper with her and played with her phone.

I have been busy since yesterday, pulling the last few books out of my book shelf so there will be room for me to fit inside. Now that I can play in my club house, I have to redecorate. Sometimes I'll bring one book in to read, but other times I'll grab a pencil and a marker and threaten to make major architectural renovations.

Mommy and Grandma watched me playing with te laundry hamper for a long time. I don't know what they thought was so funny. When I was done, the hamper was empty and the dirty laundry was in the washing machine. (OK, so it was only one shirt. Do you expect me to be doing whole loads of laundry? I'm only a baby!)

I wonder when Mommy will find her credit card, which I hid at the bottom of the hamper (answer: 2 days later).

When I realize that Mommy is getting my bath ready, I get SO excited. If Mommy picks me up and takes me out of the bathroom to lay out my clothes for after my bath, I start screaming that she is taking me away from the tub! She has to learn to get everything ready before she turns the water on. Otherwise it's just plain mean.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Put the Lime in the Coconut

Mommy and Daddy took me to the fancy new mall at Mamilla. I got new clothes since my 12-month onesies don't fit me anymore. While Mommy looked in the ladies' stores, Daddy let me check out the purses and hair bows.

We ate lunch at Roladin. They just opened and didn't get the high chairs in yet, which was a great excuse for me to crawl around and make friends. I grabbed a slice of lime and some ice cubes out of my water glass. I didn't quite know what to do with the ice cubes so I threw them on the floor. One bite of the lime and it was on the floor too. Yuck!
After I removed everything from the water glass, it looked pretty empty, so I put some bread inside to keep the water company.

I also (debatably) took my first step today. I stood up, wobbled for a second, took one step toward the couch and grabbed on. Daddy said that's not REALLY my first step (I think he didn't want Mommy to feel bad that she wasn't there.) Mommy says yes it is.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Duddle Duddle (Mommy thinks she's so smart)

I like to open Mommy's purse and take everything out and crawl around the house with her wallet, keys, ID, etc. She thinks she's so smart. She filled a similar purse with toys for me to empty and left it out where I could find it. I took one look at it, threw it on the floor, crawled straight to the couch, and picked up Mommy's purse. As if I wouldn't know the difference!

My favorite words these days are "duddle duddle" and "wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh."

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Practical Joker

When Mommy picked me up to nurse me at 5:00 am, she shifted my weight so my tush was in her hand, and lo and behold it was bare. Somehow I lost my diaper in the middle of the night - don't ask me how I managed that. I thought it was kind of funny, but Mommy did not enjoy changing my sheets at that hour.

Later in the day, some friends of Mindy and Denny came by. Each time someone new walked in, I reached my arms out to them so they would pick me up. Nevermind that I'd never seen them before in my life. Friends of my cousins are friends of mine!

Mindy is going back to America tomorrow. I helped her pack.

I also created a new fashion statement by wearing pantaloons on my head.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


We spent Shabbat at Saba and Yaya's. I slept in my new Pack n' Play and ate in my new booster seat. I played with Yoavi and Yuvali and met some cousinsof Saba's, the Laors. Yaya noticed that Mommy wiggles her toes all the time - no wonder I am always playing with my feet!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

Here are some pictures from today's play date with Bella. We accidentally wore very similar outfits!

Sharing rice cakes:

Doing a puzzle together:

Bella making nice on me:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Busy Day

I went to something called a Gymboree today. It had all sorts of things to climb up, slide down, roll on, etc. It was so fun! And exhausting.

Then we drove to Mini Israel and "saw it all small."

Way after my bedtime we went to the mall to see Davidi Lehmann, who is in town for a few days. Mommy kept me from kvetching by - what else? - keeping my mouth full of nosh.