Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Talker

Mommy FINALLY realized what I've been trying to tell her all along - I can talk! I've been saying "dog" for at least a few days. Today we were out riding my new tricycle that Saba and Yaya bought me for my birthday, and I saw the neighbors' dogs and said "dog." Later we saw a cat and I said "dog" again (close enough), and then another dog and I said it again. I also say it when I see Coby. I said it when I saw the neighbors' dogs lastnesday when we were out with Denny, buthe and Mommy weren't sure if it was just a coincidence. Today I showed her that it wasn't.

When I was ready to get out of the bath tub this evening I stood up, put my hands out and said "up." Grandma thought she heard me say "up" yesterday but Mommy dismissed it (again) as coincidence. When I said it tonight, Daddy said "I TOLD you she's been saying "up" for at least a week!" At least somebody believed me!

I also understand lots of words and signs, like "book," "ball" and "balloon." (I guess I like "B" words.) I will look for these things, or go get them, when someone says or signs the word.

I am on a food strike again. Now that I know what cake tastes like, I know there is better stuff out there than all this healthy food Mommy and Daddy are trying to feed me. I will only eat yogurt, pizza, or pasta. And maybe some fruit if they're lucky. I ate all the cheese off three slizes of pizza for dinner. Some of the crust, too, but Mommy didn't want me to fill up on empty calories.

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Zayde said...

I think you're a head of Mommy in the speaking department . . . if you really want feedback, point to things and say "what's that." Everyone will want to tell you. Mommy did that all the time.

I'll bet that you can tell Mommy what a dog says if you ask.