Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Eliana: For the most part my parents subtly correct me if I make an error (grammatical or otherwise) in my speech. But some things I say are so cute it seems they almost encourage me to keep saying them.

Allabody - everybody

Wiper towel - paper towel

Eatmeal - oatmeal

Recently Mommy started using "itioner" (conditioner) in my hair. Sometimes I call it Uncle Itioner. (In tribute to my Uncle Izzy.)

Also, I have trouble pronouncing words that start with "s" followed by another consonant. For example:

pall - small

pot - spot

keem - scream

sand - stand

pill - spill

sicky - sticky

poon - spoon

pile - smile

When I'm in a bad mood I get upset if anyone piles at me. Especially Ami. He always seems to pile at me when I'm crying.