Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun day in Chicago

Today I had fun with Grandma & Zayde while they were still in Chicago. We tried to go swimming in the hotel pool but it was too cold.

Then we went to eat lunch at Ken's diner and I had my first taste of hamburger. Yum! I'm hooked. Here I am placing my order.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mazal Tov!

Today Doda Karen & Uncle Mendy got married! Mazal Tov!

No offense to Doda Karen, but I was the belle of the ball! No one could believe I fell asleep on Mommy while she was dancing!

Grandma, me, Zayde, Mommy & Daddy
Playing with Mommy's locket
Eating Zayde's tie
Dancing with Zayde & Grandma
Dsncing with Daddy & Mommy

Tonight I slept in Grandma & Zayde's hotel room so Mommy could rest. Look at my fancy crib. Even Uncle Mendy said he wants one!

Monday, March 5, 2007

This Spud's for You

Hurray for my first Purim! Daddy, Mommy & I dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head & Baby Spud. We were so cute (especially me). Coby didn't dress up this year because he hurt his leg last night. But people at shul asked if his cast was a costume.

We had the Seuda at Doda Rachel's house and everyone was there - Aunt Tahli, Yuval & Yoav, the Kedaris, the Berries, the Wexlers, the Bodenheimers (Bodi & Rachel), Jr. Bodenheimers (Oranit & Dikla, Gilad, Yearit, Tal & Alon) and Sr. Bodenheimer (Bodi's mother). Yuvali watched me so Mommy and Daddy could eat. Mommy got lots of great pictures. Here are some:
Family Seuda

with my cousins Yuval & Yoav (princess & cow)

with my silly Daddy

And here we are with family friends, Tamar, Sefi, Estie, Josh & Mendel Runyam, and our neighbor Dina (AKA Minnie Mouse):

Mommy made potato-themed mishloach manot - roasted potatoes, potato chips, potato kugel & mashed potatoes, in a bag with a drawing of Mr. Potato Head on it that said "Chag Ta-Purim Adama Sameach." She's so silly.