Friday, August 17, 2007

Lucky Charm

Daddy has been giving me walking lessons in the mornings. He gives me one thing in each hand (crackers, for example) and then holds out something better (a piece of fruit, for example) for me to try to walk to so I can get it with my mouth. This morning I took two steps - twice! Mommy keeps missing it. I want to keep her on her toes. She'll have to stay with me ALL the time so she doesn't miss it!

We went to the quarter finals of the baseball championship today - a Netanya Tigers home game agains the Ra'anana Express. I ate half a tuna sandwich at the game. That's a lot of tuna sandwich!

I insisted on being picked up by at least three different strangers sitting near me at the game. I also had a fascinating telephone conversation with one of them.

It was a great game and we won 3-0! I really am their lucky charm! They always win when I go to the games.

Daddy said we might have to cancel my birthday party tomorrow so I can go to the semi-finals. We will definitely go to the championship game on Sunday if Netanya makes it.


Zayde said...

Eliana, were you on the phone to 1) make a date; 2) track your investments; 3) catch up with an old friend; or 4) give a play-by-play on the game? Whatever it was, you look very focused on the conversation.

Grandma said...

can hardly wait till you can dial my number & we can talk :)