Saturday, August 25, 2007


I definitely said "moe" today when I was eating Mommy's yummy apple cinnamon kugel.

I also discovered something really ingenious: Cheerios in milk! First I let Mommy feed it to me with a spoon. Then I grabbed handfuls of Cheerios and fed myself. Then I tried drinking straight out of the bowl. Next I took a spoonful olf Cheerios and then used my hands to get them from the spoon to my mouth. Finally, I tried usin the spoon myself. I think this "Cheerios in milk" phenomenon is going to be BIG!

Mommy is getting really frustrated with me and sometimes she wonders if she ever should have taught me sign language. I will finish eating, tell her I'm all done, and she'll take me out of the high chair, clean me up, and put me on the floor to play. A few minutes later I sign "eat" again, she puts me back in the high chair, puts my bib on, and finds me something else to eat. Then I throw most of it on the floor (I'm very into throwing things lately - not just dropping but throwing them as far as I can), maybe take a couple of bites, and tell her I'm all done. I will repeat this four or five (or more) times and start getting really mad when she offers me food but she doesn't know what else to do. Then when she sees how cranky I am she decides to put me in bed. Which is what I was trying to tell her in the first place. It's not my fauly she never taught me the sign for "sleepy!" Either I just think "eat" is the sign for "I need something," or maybe I'm using it to sign "I want to nurse," which means getting ready for bed. I hope she either figures out what I'm talking about soon, or else teaches me to sign "sleepy," because this is getting ridiculous.


Grandma said...

It takes awhile until parents can understand the new words their babies are saying & it can be confusing. When your Mommy & Uncle Izzy were babies after awhile it was like a light bulnb went off & suddenly Zayde & I realized what they had been "saying" all along. We didn't use baby sign in those days so you have added confusion. You are well on your way to talking so in time you & Mommy & Daddy will be understanding one another better.

Zayde said...

moe baby moe!

Grandma said...

when your mommy & Uncle Izzy said "moe" I would respond by saying Moe, Larry, Curly. Those are the names of the 3 Stooges, some funny characters that used to be on TV