Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bookworm (or "Happy Unbirthday to Me")

This morning I made Mommy read me "The Poky Little Puppy" over and over again. She says it must have been at least 10 times but I think it was only like five. She begged me to choose a different book - I don't know why she got sick of it so fast - so I let her read me a counting book a couple of times and then a farm animal book three or four times. I really liked the animal book. I even said "moo" one time when we got to the cow page.

We played with a stuffed dog and when Mommy told me it was a dog, I got really excited and said "dog, dog!" and scrambled across the apartment to look for Coby. But Coby was tied up outside so Mommy took me to the window, where I screeched to get Coby's attention.

When it got to be noontime, I signed "eat" so Mommy dutifully put me in my high chair, put a bib on me, and gave me some meatloaf. I threw the meatloaf on the floor and signed "eat" again so Mommy cleaned me up and put me in bed. She's finally learning!

Later we went swimming with my friends Shelly and Amitai and their mommies. Then we all went out for ice cream to celebrate my "unbirthday." Daddy let me eat the ice cream with my hands.

After that I was SO tired I sang the blues (as Grandma would say) all the way home. Mommy washed the ice cream off me (I was covered in it from head to toe) and I went straight to bed.

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