Friday, August 17, 2007

Party Time

When I woke up from my nap today there was a big surprise waiting for me. Denny dressed me in a fancy new outfit and took me downstairs to the lobby, which was decorated with pink and purple balloons and full of people who love me.

There were pizzas, fruit and two beautiful cakes that Mommy made for me. Everyone had to share the big one, but I got the little one all to myself (it looked pretty big to me)!

I mostly played with the frosting. It was so fun to play with that I'm not sure I actually ate any of it.

I tried to take one fairly dainty lick from the top of the cake, but Mommy missed the photo Daddy pushed the cake into my face. Then Coby helped clean me off.

When we finished eating and singing,

it was time for the pool party. All us kids got into our bathing suits and splashed around until my friends had to go home.

Then I went upstairs to open my presents. (Well, Mommy opened them while I climbed on them.)

Grandma called to sing me "Happy Birthday."

I put her on hold a couple of times - I was really busy. I also hung up on her by accident, so Mommy didn't let me talk to her anymore after that.

I went to bed nicely. Mommy says I didn't know today was different than any other day, because I always think everyone and everything around me is there just for me. She also says that I probably forgot about the party as soon as it was over.

Little does she know that all night I dreamed of chocolate cake with pink icing.

P.S. Unfortunately the Tigers lost today. Daddy was right, they needed me at the game. Oh well, we'll get 'em next year!

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Grandma said...

Happy 1st Birthday hertzelah
you had a beautiful & fun party