Saturday, December 29, 2007


I was SO happy to see my Daddy at the airport. We skipped to the car together and I didn't want to get in my carseat because I wanted to be with him. He showed me around the house and we played with my toys (I had forgotten all about them) and he reintroduced me to Coby. I stopped saying "dog" during my trip (because there were no dogs around) so when I see him I point and say "Hi! Hi!" Then I hug him and say "awwww" (which is what I say when I hug any person or doll). Yesterday I noticed that he has hair all over his body. I told Mommy by tugging on his fur, then tugging on my hair, then pointing to Mommy's hair.

Last night when I should have been sleeping (I'm a little jet-lagged, but not as bad as on the last trip), I learned some new things. Mommy taught me how to put the shapes in the shape sorter. She also taught me how to sign "help." I caught on after she showed me once! When I am truggling with something she asks me if I need help and then instead of screming I smile and sign "help."

I shake my head "no" when anyone asks me a question (it's not my fault people are always telling me "no" and never taught me "yes"). This morning Mommy asked me if I wanted to get dressed. No. Did I want to stay in my pajamas? No. Did I want to go to shul naked? No. Mommy says she's got to stop asking me what I want to do and start telling me.

Today we went to kiddush at Chovevei to see all our friends from Kiddush Club. They remarked at how big I got (a little girl, not a baby). I was shy and clingy at first (I have been clingy since we got home because I'm afraid I'm going to have to go on another trip) and didn't want to show off my words or signs. But by the end I was playing with Josh and Yoseph's keys, pointing to everybody's noses (even baby Naava's) and I even let Gila hold me.

This afternoon I picked up my purse (full of bath toys from Auntie Maya) and my keys, looked around for my hat, put it on, and went to the door. I was ready to go out. Mommy took me downstairs to visit with some neighbors. Then we waited for Daddy to come home from his speech and make Havdallah.

Mommy thought she heard me say a few phrases over the last few days. Tonight she definitely heard me say "ah duh" as I signed "all done."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Tricks in New Jersey

I have been learning so many new tricks lately and doing so many cute things. I hope you have set aside a large block of time for all these videos. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I recently discovered crayons. There are a few things I like to do with them.

Monkey see, monkey do...

I love to play ball

but if there is no ball around, I make do.

Of course, I always clean up after myself.

But sometimes I bite off more than I can chew:

I was going to beat up my cousins but I decided to be nice instead. Here I am giving kisses and making nice:

I like to walk in on Cousin Eli when she's in her room with her boyfriend. Even though she's annoyed, she can't help but smile because I'm so cute.

I learned a new sign today, and Mommy caught it on tape!

I've known how to put on my bib for months now, but Mommy figured that since she was videoing everything else I did tonight, she might as well get that too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I Got Skills (Daddy would say SGils)

I have learned so many new things this week. At Grandma's I learned to say "hi" whenever someone walks into the room or I pick up a phone.

I have been shaking my head "no" for a month or so, but now I do it when ANYONE asks me ANY question.

This morning I started drinking from a big-girl cup without spilling!

The other day I signed "please" for the first time. (I REALLY wanted a cookie.) I have also begun to express an interest in coloring on paper, instead of just putting crayons in my mouth. (Of course, some pen/crayon/marker inevitably gets on the desk, floor, wall, or wherever I happen to be. And all over my hands and clothes, too.)

Here are pictures of some drawings I did while sitting on Grandma's lap in her office.

Here is a video of me doing all the other things I mentioned (while eating Bubbie's meatloaf):

Monday, December 17, 2007

Decortaing Tips from the Pros

I spent a long time decorating Mommy's room today.

Then I helped clean up.

Winter Wonderland

When I woke up this morning the world was white. There was snow everywhere, which was beautiful but also sad because it meant Auntie Maya's flight was cancelled and she couldn't come visit.

Mommy and Grandma kept telling me how much fun I was going to have playing in the snow. First they bundled me up in a million layers so I couldn't move or see. Then they took me outside in the bitter wind and tried to get me to play but every time my hands poked out of my sleeves they put them back in! How was I supposed to play if I couldn't use my hands? I cried the whole time we were out there. Luckily they snapped a few pictures and brought me back inside to warm up. I even got to try my very first mug of hot cocoa!
These pictures were taken on Grandma's front lawn.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mazal Tov!

Today was my cousin Mindy's wedding. That's why we flew all the way to America. I wore a fancy dress, tights and new shoes that Grandma bought me just for the wedding. It was the second wedding in which Mommy carried me down the aisle. I'm big enough to walk but Mommy didn't trust me to go where I was supposed to. She said it was bad enough that the other flower girl went the wrong way!

We had to take lots of pictures and I got passed around to lots of people. I especially liked cousin Bonnie. Maybe it was her sparkly outfit. I insisted she hold me for the family picture, even though she didn't know how to hold a baby. By the end of the evening she was an expert.

I spent lots of time with Uncle Izzy, who is my all-time favorite uncle. I also took a nice refreshing nap during dinner. I fell asleep on Mommy during the dancing, slept in the stroller during the meal, and woke up just in time for dessert. Yum!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bright Night

We had a Chanuka party at my cousins' house tonight. Here we are lighting the candles. I wanted to help!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Girl

This morning Daddy woke up to shouts of "Wake up! Wake up! Eliana pooped on the potty!" He jumped out of bed and ran to get me a treat.
Mommy cheated a little, though. She could tell I was about to poop and ran me to the potty. I sat for about five minutes and played happily with whatever was on the shelf - a comb, a brush, a hair clip, some tampons. When I got up Mommy showed me the pee and poop and we danced and clapped and cheered. Then Mommy showed me how to dump it in the toilet and flush. I am 15 months old, the same age Mommy was when she started potty-training. (But she was spending the summer with her older cousins and wanted to be like them.)

Mommy and I went to get our flu shots tonight. Mommy got hers first to show me that it wouldn't hurt too much. I was very brave and only cried for a minute. Then I got a sticker, which I tried to throw on the floor - but couldn't because it kept sticking to my fingers. I played nicely with the other children in the waiting room but then didn't want to put on my jacket when it was time to go. Mommy knew I must be tired because usually I get very excited when I see my jacket and know we are going out. Sometimes when Mommy puts on her jacket I grab mine too and start waving bye-bye to Daddy (even if Mommy thinks she's leaving me with him).

When we got home there was a dog outside and I said "Dog - fffff." Mommy thinks I was trying to say "woof." I also say "Boooo" (mooo) when I see a toy cow or picture of a cow (or horse for that matter).

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Last night was Thanksgiving. I knew something was going on because Mommy had been cooking for days. And the house was so clean. She kept saying "let's read a book" and then only letting me take one book off the shelf at a time! Then all the company arrived and Adina and Hillel and I were allowed to mess up the house again.

Mommy made all these foods that she never makes (she says she made them last year but I had them in liquid form). I didn't want to eat any of them. I mostly threw them at the people sitting next to me or tried to slip them under the table to Coby. I went to bed without any complaining even though everyone else was still having fun and eating supper.

Today my aunt and uncle and cousins came over. I was too excited to do much napping. I didn't eat any of the Thanksgiving food, but who can blame me after all the cookies I ate at kiddush?

Mommy made me take lots of pictures with the turkeys, though.

Daddy has been trying to teach me that a turkey says "gobble gobble." He even switched my talking letter magnets to T for turkey and G for gobble. This morning I threw the G in the toilet, to let him know what I think of these lessons!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I know and love

A day or two ago I started walking much more steadily. I walk more and fall less.

The first body parts that most babies learn are eyes, nose and mouth. I know nose, hair, tongue, teeth and belly button. Please don't ask me where my ear is. It sounds too much like "hair."

I understand EVERYTHING. If Daddy asks me where my socks are, I show him where I hid them under a couch cushion. If Mommy mentions the word "book," I go straight to the book shelf and bring her one to read me. And when she says she's going to the potty I sign "bath" because I know that's where the potty is. They'd better watch out - before they know it I'll understand the words they're spelling too.

I am OBSESSED with shoes. This has been going on for over a month now. If I find Mommy's shoes anywhere in the house (only Mommy's; Daddy's are boring) I bring them to her and say "shh" and insist that she put them on. Sometimes I only bring h er one. Then she looks funny walking around in one shoe. Sometimes I bring her three and she doesn't know what to do with them. Sometimes I bring her one black and one pink. Sometimes she's already wearing shoes and has to take them off and put on the ones I brought her. (Good thing she always wears slip-ons!) Sometimes she is laying in bed and I put a shoe next to her head. She always says "thank you" and puts it on her foot, even if she'd rather be sleeping.

I've been waking up earlier and earlier these days. I used to wake up at 5:00 but now it's closer to 4:15 or 4:30. The earlier I wake up, the more I get to talk to Grandma and Zayde on the webcam! This is a much better time for them than when I usually call them and they are busy getting ready for work. They say they feel bad for Mommy, having to get up so early with me, but I think they secretly like it!

This morning was Sefi Runyan's Upsherin at the kotel. It was my second time there, but the first time we had a camera. Mommy gave some tzeddaka and snipped a lock of Sefi's hair while Jeffrey held me in one hand and Mendel in the other. Then we had some nosh. (Well, Mommy noshed and I threw food.)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Look At Me!

Though my preferred method of transportation is still crawling (or being carried), I CAN WALK!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun with Friends

Today Mommy drove me to Rishon Lezion to visit my friend Eden and her new baby sister, Liel. It took SO long to drive there (almost two hours) but I slept almost the entire way. (I only started waking up when the traffic got bad when we were almost there - I woke up every time we stopped and went back to sleep when we started moving again.)

When we got there I went right over to Liel, who was lying on a mat on the floor, and said "doll, doll!" I made nice to her. She was cute! Later her mommy put her to sleep in her stroller and I kept going over to peek in at her.

When Eden got home from daycare, Mommy and I were in her room playing with her toys. She did not like that one bit. It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears (except I'm the blond one). Someone was playing with her toys...someone was eating in her highchair...someone was hanging out in her room, and she was still there! We kind of got off on the wrong foot, and I don't blame her. She picked on me but I didn't mind.

Then we all went to the mall. When Steff went to feed Liel, she left Mommy in charge of Eden and me. At that point we ganged up on her. One of us disstracted her by dumping all the toys on the floor while the other tried to escape from the store to explore the mall. Mommy said people must have thought we were funny-looking twins - the same size, but one with dark skin and dark hair and the other with light skin and blond hair! We took turns trying to escape until Steff came back. Boy was that fun.

Then we all split up. I let Mommy push me in the stroller for awhile but then I decided it was my turn to push.

I saw a fun-looking "toy" (as I called it), a see-saw with Minnie Mouse sitting on one side, and I asked Mommy if I could play on it. She figured if she didn't put money inside I would be none the wiser, since I didn't know it could move. But she couldn't help herself and decided to put money in after all, because it was too cute to resist. I loved it!

After that I wanted to try every ride we saw - but I only got to ride four. (Mommy didn't spoil me THAT much, she only paid for two of them.) In the Garfield car I decided it would be funny to sit on the floor, which is why you can only see the top of my head for part of the time.

[insert video]

Eden and I rode in a car together but by that time we were enemies again (or else I was just tired) and I tried to climb out before the ride was over.

We also went to this great play place in the mall - it was like a miniature of the children's museum in Chicago (which I don't remember because I was only seven months old), only free! We could have played there forever but it was getting late. Mommy says it would be worth it to move to Rishon just for that mall.

Back at Eden's house, Steff fed me supper while Mommy held Liel. She said she misses having a newborn. (Uh oh.)

Then we took some group pictures before it was time to go back to Beit Shemesh.

I went to sleep as soon as we got in the car and I slept the whole way (only one and a quarter hours, thanks to the late hour and Eli's great directions).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Walka Walka Walka

Mommy and I had a great Shabbat at my friends Adina and Hillel's house. My favorite part was that they kept leaving their sippy cups everywhere. Their mommy gives them juice, unlike mine who only gives me water or milk (not that I'm complaining). Every time I found a sippy cup I would grab it and chug ALL the juice down. Then their mommy would fill it up for them and I would keep my eye on it until they weren't looking. Mommy and I played a game of "who can get to the cup first?"

Last night we went to Adina and Hillel's grandparents' house. I behaved myself even though it was so late. (I took a nap beforehand.) I played really nicely with all the cousins and I loved their Savta's chicken soup (not as good as my grandma's, but still good). I also enjoyed munching on strips of shnitzel. Mommy says they don't make high chairs like they used to - the old fashioned one they had was much more entertaining than the one we have at home. Hilly and I took turns sitting in it. Then Mommy fed Hilly in the high chair while Lynn fed me on her lap.

At lunch there was corn on the cob and I liked it so much I wouldn't eat anything else! I ate almost a whole piece (two halves), and I carried one of them around with me for a good part of the afternoon. Mommy marvelled how anyone could eat corn on the cob with just four teeth!

All that playing with big kids left an impression on me. I decided to practice my walking and I'm getting pretty good at it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Here is a recap of our week.

Instead of calling everything "Cheerios" I now call everything "toy."
I like to help turn on the light in the hallway on the way up the stairs to our apartment.
I am learning to say "tee" (tree) and I point to the different trees when we are walking and like to touch them and pick the different kinds of leaves.

We discovered a group of moms, babysitters and kids my age that hang out at the park during the time between my two naps, so we spend a lot of mornings there.
On Tuesday before Gymboree we went to a music class called Toddler Tango. I was one of the youngest kids (and the only non-walker). I was distracted by the Gymboree equipment and didn't participate too much. But when we sang a song about eggs and I was shaking two shaker eggs, I got lost in the rhythm and took six or seven steps! The next morning we went to another music class and during the shaker egg song I took another six or seven steps! I sure love my music.

Mommy is very happy that I have such good eyesight. I can see a dog or cat a mile away (No, not literally.) She used to say "no, there's no dog" but now she has learned to just look harder because I'm usually right. I can even see them when they're camouflaged or when it's dark outside. I sometimes still call cats "dogs" but I'm learning to call them "ta." A hat is also "ta" but when I mean hat I pat my head. That's the sign for hat - and nobody even taught it to me, I figured it out myself.

While the sign for hat is pretty intuitive, Mommy was really surprised when I said "Dada" and did the sign for "Daddy" during my bath last night. That is not an intuitive sign and no one taught it to me either! (Mommy claims it was just a coincidence.)

Once I learned to sign "bath" Mommy and Daddy pretty much stopped using the sign anymore because they didn't think it was very useful. But this week I have started to sign "bath" in the tub, when I'm getting ready for my bath, and sometimes when I pass the bathroom. It's been months since my parents uased the sign but I remember it!

I love the bath so much that I now refuse to get out of it. I could play i the tub forever! Even when I sign "all done," if Mommy tries to pick me up I scream and push her away. Eventually she wins, though, because she's bigger and stronger than me (for now).

Mommy tried twice to get me to take an early morning nap so I wouldn't be tired during swimming. But it's not my fault they scheduled class for the exact same time as nap time! A few minutes before it was time to leave for swimming this morning I signed "bed." So we left early and played together in the pool for a little while before class started.

During the walking/crawling activities I played a new game called "I'm going to just sit here and see if you can make me participate." I won.

Mommy was disappointed that we didn't do the blowing bubbles song today because she wanted Yael to see that I know how to blow bubbles. But Yael noticed me exhaling when I was swimming under water, which is the point of learning to blow bubbles anyway!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dance Marathon

I am obsessed with music. If it's ever quiet in th house I go over to the TV and start smacking it, trying to push the buttons, bouncing up and down and yelling to Mommy to come put a CD in.

When she does I get so excited I can't help but dance.

Wait till my swimming teacher sees what I can do! I'll be the only kid in my class that knows how to blow bubbles in the water.

Mommy and I played patty-cake too - I like to smack her hands! I also like to help her clap her hands together. But it's no fun to play patty-cake when Mommy has one hand on the camera, so I just clapped along. At the end you can see how I sign "all done!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Taking Nose"

I was flipping through one of Daddy's notebooks this morning and Mommy asked me if I was taking notes. I'd never heard that expression before. I thought she said something about my nose. So I pointed to it! (She didn't even know I knew that word.)

My Daddy went on a trip. Mommy kept me really busy today - we went on four outings! So I didn't miss him at first. But then it was bath time and Daddy usually gives me my bath so I started looking out the bathroom door and shouting for him. Mommy says he'll be gone for three weeks. I have no concept of time but that sounds way too long.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Makin' Mischief

One of my new hobbies is taking things out of the baking cabinet. Mommy said it was ok because she removed everything breakable. But today she turned around and found me covered in powdered sugar. I bit a hole in the bag!

Daddy put me down for a nap and went to get some work done. A little while later he looked down and there I was, crawling into his office. He still hasn't figured out how I managed to get out of my crib.

When Mommy came home she did her weekly "sweep" of the yard below our window. She brought in 13 clothespins. Have I mentioned I like to throw things?

This one's for you, Uncle Izzy:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tzirross (Cheerios)

Today at the park I figured out how to go down the slide all by myself. First I went down the blue tunnel slide backwards, just to make sure it was safe. Then I went down the yellow slide a few times! (Mommy apologizes for turning the camera sideways again, and for how dark the movie is. The sun sets really early these days. It was only about 5:30.)

I no longer have to sign "eat" to tell Mommy and Daddy that I'm hungry. But "hungry" is still kind of hard to say, so I just say "Cheerios." It sounds more like "tzirross" (rhymes with "gross").

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mommy took me out for a trike ride but I didn't want to ride. Instead I sat under an olive tree and collected olive pits. I threw them in the basket of my trike. Mommy told me not to put them in my mouth but I snuck some in anyway.

I pished on the potty again today. I didn't notice but Mommy did. I didn't understand why she was cheering and clapping.

I also started to show some interest in walking. There really wasn’t an opportunity to work on it when Grandma and Zayde were here toting me around all day. But today I really started trying to cruise almost as much as I crawl. And I took six or seven steps toward Mommy, too! She kept waiting until I got to her and then moving back a step – she’s tricky!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What happened to those nice old people that used to live here?

Yesterday while Mommy and Grandma napped, Daddy and Zayde were supposed to be watching me. When Grandma got up she found Zayde and Daddy passed out on the couch and me sitting in a puddle of water I'd dumped out of Coby's bowl. When Mommy came in the room, Daddy (without opening his eyes or waking up) said "we did a good job taking care of her."

After Shabbat, Grandma cried while she was giving me my bath and putting me to bed. (Of course, she cried when she bathed me yesterday too, because she wasn't sure she get to bathe me tonight.)

This morning when I woke up, they were gone! Too bad. I really liked them.

When I was supposed to be napping I figured out how to take off my pants. I learned how to take off my shirt about a week ago. Just in time for winter!

We were all very proud of how Daddy got me ready for bed and put me down all by himself. I didn't even kvetch because I wanted him to know how proud I am. They say it's part of the "weaning" process, which is supposed to be for my own good. Then why have Mommy and I been crying all day? (Maybe it's because Grandma and Zayde left?)

Monday, October 1, 2007


This morning Grandma put a clean new outfit on me and brought me down to the hotel breakfast in the sukka. I ate and then crawled around till my brand new pants were black. As soon as breakfast was over I had to change!

When I was ready for my morning nap, all five of us (minus Coby, who is still at the sitter's - there wouldn't have been room for him anyway) piled into the car to go to the beach in Yaffo. Daddy took me on the biggest slide I've ever been on. Even he said it was scary! I loved it. I saw a big dog named Red (that was his color too) and climbed right on top of him without even asking permission. Good thing he likes babies!

We played in the sand and in the waves and had so much fun.

Then Mommy and Grandma washed me off in a sink and Daddy changed me into a clean outfit.

Then we drove to a fancy hall called Keter Rimon in Bnei Brak. There were bridges, waterfalls, and giant goldfish to be seen. Grandma's friend Annie and her sister had donated two ambulances in memory of their parents and we went to the reception and a luncheon in a giant sukka. Of course, Daddy had to change me into a fancy dress when we got there.

After the luncheon we went to Aunt Tahli's house in Kfar Saba. I was tired because I missed my second nap, but I got a second wind when I saw my cousins and got to play with them. It was too hot for my fancy dress so we took it off and I played in just a diaper.

Then we drove to Ramat Gan, where we had dinner at a restaurant called Spaghettim with Grandma's friends the Baratzes. There were ten people at our table and we took up the whole sukka! Daddy was excited to eat there because it just opened and is the first kosher branch of a very popular restaurant. I was still naked when we got there so I quickly changed into a new onesie Grandma brought me with a watermelon on it. We had spaghetti (of course). I crawled around the sukka and flirted with the waitresses. When I got cranky (because it was way past my bedtime) Grandma ordered me ice cream. Everyone marvelled at how well I behaved considering how late it was. They said "if this is how she acts when she's overtired, how sweet is she when she's in a good mood?" Benny Baratz said I am so good-natured because I was raised on Mommy's milk and not bottles.

I fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. That was a LONG and very busy day. Good thing we had enough outfits prepared for each event!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting ready for Yom Tov

We went to the Shteiblach to pick out our Lulavim and Etrogim this morning.

We saw one etrog that was bigger than my head! I liked watching the grownups playing with their fruit just like I do.

Daddy even bought me my own Etrog. I keep trying to eat it.

While Daddy and Zayde were choosing their Arbaah Minim, Mommy and I sat inside the shul and davened. It was fun to be surrounded by so many sifrei kodesh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too excited to sleep

When I woke up tihs morning my Grandma and Zayde were here. I prepared for their arrival last night by learning to say Zayde's name. Daddy has been giving me "Zayde lessons" in the mornings, showing me Zayde's picture and telling me his name. (He figured that if I can't say Mama, I'm not about to say Grandma.) Last night when I saw Zayde's picture in my photo album I said "Zayde!"

We went for breakfast at Tal Bagels and I sat nicely in the high chair for 45 minutes and ate.

We walked to hotels to make reservations for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. There was a fruit tray in a hotel lobby and I tried to pull off the tablecloth so I could serve myself. I was so busy having fun that I didn't take ANY naps today! That was definitely a first. I got hungry for lunch on our way home so we stopped and ordered a kid's meal at Cuppa Joe.

I came home so tired that I couldn't even stay up for Gymboree.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brought to you by the letter "C"

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, so I decided it was time to learn names of foods. Mommy was too slow at getting my breakfast so I pointed to the cereal box and said "Chrrrrros." (I said it with an Israeli accent. What's up with that?)

Daddy didn't believe her. He didn't know he's supposed to name the food items when he gives them to me. But now he knows. So this morning he asked me if I wanted some cheese. I said "cheese." Three times.

Mommy is not ashamed to admit when she's made a mistake. She's trying to help us all sleep better by teaching me to stop waking up every hour to nurse from 4:30 to 6:30 before I'm ready to wake up in the morning. But it's not working. I wake up at 4:30 and cry until she comes and gets me and then I'm up for the day.
So of course we're all exhausted. I went down for a nap at 4:00 this afternoon and did not wake up. Mommy was so tired she wanted to go to bed too, but Grandma and Zayde said she'd better wake me up.

So she woke me up and we went shopping. It was my first time outside in the dark since I was a little baby and it was so cool. There were lights and lots of people and things to see and music blasting and car horns beeping. When we went to the car I continuing on my C-word theme, I said "car."

After a few errands we came home and I had dinner and a bath and went to bed at 8:00. We'll see what time I wake up tomorrow.

P.S. I am now officially attached to my stuffed Torah. When I wake up in the morning or from a nap, I reach for my blankie (which is inevitably on the floor) and after Mommy gets it for me I reach for my Torah. Only then do I want to be picked up out of my crib.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The "B" word... and the "P" word

Yesterday I rediscovered bubbles. Every time I saw a bottle of them (and for some reason there is one in every room of the house), I insisted Mommy blow bubbles for me. Then I insisted on dipping my hand into the bubble solution, trying to drink it out of the bottle, and trying to put the bubble wand in my mouth. Needless to say, Mommy had her hands full. I refused to eat until Mommy xconsented to give me dinner and a (bubble) show. Even then, I only ate my peas. (Have I mentioned I love peas?)

When I was ready for my nap I pointed to my crib, which made Mommy happy. But today I went one step further and learned a very useful new sign: "bed." Now I can tell Mommy when I'm tired instead of trying to lift up her shirt to nurse. I'm sure she will especially appreciate that when we are out in public.

I also figured out how to climb out of my high chair this week. I've managed to stand up twice when I was kept waiting too long, so it's no longer a safe place for Mommy and Daddy to leave me for a minute when they have to go fill the bathtub or make me dinner. One night Grandma "Babysat" me via the webcam to make sure I didn't climb out of the high chair while Mommy got my bath ready.

I some times let Mommy go to the bathroom by herself instead of following her in. She closes the door and I knock on it and she knocks back. I don't like it as much as being with her, but sometimes I play along.

I say "tum" ("some?") when I am pointing at something I want.

I understand the word "kiss" and when Mommy says it, I give her a big open-mouthed kiss on the lips.

Daddy brought me home a surprise today: it's green and it looks like a hippopotomus, and at first I thought it was a hat, but it's called a potty. When I was getting ready for bed Mommy sat me on it and I pished inside. Then she made a big fuss and called me the biggest girl she knows. I don't know what the big deal is, I pish all the time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shlugging Kaparos

Yesterday Mommy and I went to the park. It was almost supper time and it was really chilly outside! I'm glad my Mommy dressed me in long sleeves and pants. Some of the kids were still wearing summer clothes. (It is still hot out in the afternoon.) I'm going to have to start wearing socks and shoes soon, too.

Mommy says I am very sensitive because when another child is crying because he's hurt or scared, I get very worried and won't take my eyes off him.

This morning I threw both of my blankies out of my crib at naptime, and then I screamed and screamed. I finally fell asleep with Daddy's date planner in one hand and my stuffed Torah in the other. When I woke up from my nap I held on to the Torah for a long time.

Later we went to the brit milah of my new friend, Golan Moshe Sass. We ate yummy food there and then I took a nap in the car (lucky for me that Mommy brought my blankie). Mommy made Daddy leave the car running and the air on for an hour and a half so I could sleep. She said not to wake me up to do errands.

When I woke up we did a very special mitzva called shlugging kapparos. Mommy swung a chicken over my head and made a bracha transferring all my sins (haha) to the chicken. Then the shochet slaughtered the chicken and gave it to a poor family to eat. We "shlugged" three chickens, one for each of us. I found the whole thing very interesting and meaningful., I really wanted to pet the chicken but Mommy was nervous that it would bite me.

Then we went to Daddy's office, where I played on the floor with the editor-in-chief and his inflatable globe and I opened a gift basket he received and played with the fruit and the wrapping.

When we got home we ate dinner and then we brought a bottle of wine to the neighbors as a peace offering. I think they liked me, even though sometimes my crying keeps them up at night. They didn't know I was so cute during the daytime. The holiday season sure is full of mitzvot.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shana Tova!

I love Yom Tov! I got to go to shul three days in a row, eat yummy food, spend time with family and friends, and do my favorite thing of all --- daven! I love to daven to Hashem!

In shul I heard the shofar. I wasn't too impressed. It was funnier when Daddy pretended to blow the shofar on a toy banana. When I started to get bored, we moved to a different spot, and when I looked up I saw Mommy sitting in the balcony! I waved at her and all the ladies next to her thought I was waving at them and waved back. I held out my arms for Mommy to pick me up but she couldn't reach, so Daddy brought me upstairs to her. I had had enough of the toys Daddy brought for me, so Mommy offered me a teether. I promtly threw it down onto the men below me. (They gave it back later.) The best toy to play with was Mommy's machzor. Everyone smiled when they saw me davening. I did not want to give the machzor back to Mommy - when I wasn't davening from it I hugged it to my chest or carried it around with me.

I also enjoyed climbing up and down the steps of the women's section, going through women's bags and playing with their glasses cases, keys, etc, and of course banging on the window and screaming "DOG, DOG!" to try to get Coby's attention.

On the second day of Yom Tov we went to the Bodenheimers' for lunch. Bodi said some babies aren't with it, but he can tell I don't miss a thing. At this time last year he said I was the wiggliest baby he ever met (and he knows a lot of babies)! I ate nicely until dessert time. When Rachel gave Mommy a quadruple-chocolate ice cream cone, Daddy moved to the other end of the table because he knew what was coming. I took a few licks from Mommy's cone and then insisted on holding it myself. I screamed and cried and turned red in the face - my first real tantrum - until she put me in the highchair and gave me the ice cream cone. (It was naptime, though - give me the benefit of the doubt.) Rachel made a new ice cream cone for Mommy but I had another mini-tantrum until she let me hold that one in my other hand. (Doesn't she know I'm a double-fisted eater?) Rachel offered to make Mommy ANOTHER ice cream cone but she said she was sure I wouldn't finish them both and she'd just wait till I was done. Rachel said she knows kids and even if they won't finish anything else, they finish their ice cream. Rachel might know kids but Mommy knows me. I did not finish my ice cream. She did. (I didn't leave her very much, though.) Daddy says ice cream brings out the worst in me. :(

On Shabbat we had a picnic in the park with my friends. I showed them how I ride on Coby's back and on Daddy's shoulders. I like picnics because everyone sits on the ground, so I can crawl onto their laps and eat their food and smear it on their clothes. I'm not sure how the grown-ups feel about that. I really liked the chicken salad (Zayde's recipe) and corn.

I decided that since it's a new year it's time for a new bedtime. I started going to bed at 8:00 (instead of 5:30 or 6:00). Then on Saturday night we changed the clocks so now I go to bed around 7:00, which Mommy says is a happy medium. Since I was still up after Shabbat ended (for once), I decided to "help" Mommy organize the fleishig pots. (In other words, she forgot to lock the cabinet.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yesterday Mommy and I went to the park and for once I played with the sand instead of trying to eat it! There were some girls nearby who were saying it was too bad they hadn't brought any sand toys, so I crawled over and offered them some. The funny thing was, they weren't even mine. I just found them and decided to play with them and share them with everyone. Then I saw a girl eating potato chips and decided to share with her too.

I've got this trike riding thing down. I don't even hold on anymore. I like to drink from my sippy cup while I'm riding, or hold onto a ball or a toy. Then I throw the ball (or toy...or cup) and watch Mommy go fetch it. I turn around on the trike and won't sit nicely till she gives it back to me. Then we go a few more steps and I throw it again. Whee!

At gymboree today, Daddy wanted to climb with me so he took me out of the ball pit and brought me to the other side of the room where the climbing equipment was. I crawled all the way back to the ball pit. After doing this a few times, Daddy finally gave in. Later I climbed around with Mommy, made some friends, and made some other mommies hold me. Then I went back to the ball pit, where I made Mommy throw me in, scoop me out, and throw me in again about 20 times. Eventually she got tired so she just stood me up on the edge of the pit and gave me a little shove. That was fun too.

After my bath when she is trying to dress me and put different creams and medicines on me, I get mad if she doesn't let me hold all the tubes and phials. I insist on taking them to bed with me. But when I wake up in the morning they are inevitably gone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An artist (or gymnast) in the making?

On Monday night in the tub I may have said "duck" when playing with my rubber duckies. It's hard to tell because all those "d" words (door, dog, duck, dada) sound pretty much the same, espcially since I leave off the last consonant sound. Maybe I was calling them dogs. That's pretty close though, since they are animals.

Yesterday morning I redesigned Daddy's glasses. The people at the store who fixed it were impressed with my style sense and my creativity. A new career possibility, perhaps? Maybe I am taking after Mommy's artistic flair.

At lunch time I threw the chicken Mommy tried to feed me on the floor and pointed to the challah on the counter. She gave me a few bites of challah and then tricked me into eating the chicken by putting it chicken in the challah bag and then pulling out peices of chicken instead of challah. I can't believe I fell for that - twice! At dinner she did it again with tuna croquettes!

We went to a new gymboree and I had my first epxerience in a ball pit.

I also climbed


and rolled.

Today Daddy and I went out for lunch at a Shawarma place called "Mana Va'hetzi" ("a portion and a half"). Daddy told the man behind the counter that he would like a portion and a half because we're a person and a half. (Am I the person or the half?) I ate more than half of each shawarma - the turkey one and the lamb one. Daddy said he wanted to immunize me against a disease called vegetarianism. I don't think he has anything to worry about.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growth Chart

Today I went for my one-year checkup. I got my MMR vaccine and a hepatitis vaccine. I weighed 7.93 kilo (17.5 pounds) - officially less than Amitai, who is 4 months old - and measured 73.5 cm (28.9 inches) long.

Mommy led sing & sign for 8 kids and then I "rode" my trike (OK, Mommy pushed me) all the way to the park and back.

I also said "Dada" today - and meant it! Daddy says I've been doing that for weeks. Mommy says I've been calling everyone "Dada" for weeks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bookworm (or "Happy Unbirthday to Me")

This morning I made Mommy read me "The Poky Little Puppy" over and over again. She says it must have been at least 10 times but I think it was only like five. She begged me to choose a different book - I don't know why she got sick of it so fast - so I let her read me a counting book a couple of times and then a farm animal book three or four times. I really liked the animal book. I even said "moo" one time when we got to the cow page.

We played with a stuffed dog and when Mommy told me it was a dog, I got really excited and said "dog, dog!" and scrambled across the apartment to look for Coby. But Coby was tied up outside so Mommy took me to the window, where I screeched to get Coby's attention.

When it got to be noontime, I signed "eat" so Mommy dutifully put me in my high chair, put a bib on me, and gave me some meatloaf. I threw the meatloaf on the floor and signed "eat" again so Mommy cleaned me up and put me in bed. She's finally learning!

Later we went swimming with my friends Shelly and Amitai and their mommies. Then we all went out for ice cream to celebrate my "unbirthday." Daddy let me eat the ice cream with my hands.

After that I was SO tired I sang the blues (as Grandma would say) all the way home. Mommy washed the ice cream off me (I was covered in it from head to toe) and I went straight to bed.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I definitely said "moe" today when I was eating Mommy's yummy apple cinnamon kugel.

I also discovered something really ingenious: Cheerios in milk! First I let Mommy feed it to me with a spoon. Then I grabbed handfuls of Cheerios and fed myself. Then I tried drinking straight out of the bowl. Next I took a spoonful olf Cheerios and then used my hands to get them from the spoon to my mouth. Finally, I tried usin the spoon myself. I think this "Cheerios in milk" phenomenon is going to be BIG!

Mommy is getting really frustrated with me and sometimes she wonders if she ever should have taught me sign language. I will finish eating, tell her I'm all done, and she'll take me out of the high chair, clean me up, and put me on the floor to play. A few minutes later I sign "eat" again, she puts me back in the high chair, puts my bib on, and finds me something else to eat. Then I throw most of it on the floor (I'm very into throwing things lately - not just dropping but throwing them as far as I can), maybe take a couple of bites, and tell her I'm all done. I will repeat this four or five (or more) times and start getting really mad when she offers me food but she doesn't know what else to do. Then when she sees how cranky I am she decides to put me in bed. Which is what I was trying to tell her in the first place. It's not my fauly she never taught me the sign for "sleepy!" Either I just think "eat" is the sign for "I need something," or maybe I'm using it to sign "I want to nurse," which means getting ready for bed. I hope she either figures out what I'm talking about soon, or else teaches me to sign "sleepy," because this is getting ridiculous.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Smarty Pants

Yesterday we went to visit Ezra and Rachel (our downstairs neighbors). When we were waiting for them to open the door, I grabbed the doorknob and said "doh."

Later when I was eating, I said "duh!" Mommy didn't understand at first, but then she asked me, "are you done?" and I signed "all done" to show her that's what I meant.

Then Mommy wanted to read me a story but she was too lazy to get up and walk to the book shelf. So she asked me to bring her a book. I crawled to the book shelf, got a book, and came back to her.

Today I was playing with the Alphabet Pal that Saba Raba and Bubbie got me for my birthday. I pushed the buttons and they made letter sounds like "k," "t," "g," and "d" and I immitated them!

Zayde says not only am I smart but it's scary how smart I am!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Language Explosion

When Daddy brought me to Mommy in bed this morning, I picked up her book and said "Gook." I wouldn't say it again all day, though. Was it just a coincidence?

After I'd eaten lots and lots of pretzels today and Mommy took them away, I pointed at them and said "dut." Mommy thought I was saying I wanted "that," and that I say it about all the "dut"s that I want. But I say "dut" "dut" "dut" all day long, so who knows?

In the bathtub this evening, when Mommy said and signed "bath," I signed it right back at her!

When I was talking on the phone I said what sounded like a very clear "hello," but I didn't repeat it after that. I guess we'll find out whether I meant it if I do it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wet & Wild

Today we went to something called a water park. Everything was very wet there.

I refused to keep my hat on so Mommy put sunscreen on my scalp. That's a lot harder to do now that I actually have some hair.

First I played with Daddy while Mommy and Denny went on the big kid rides. Then we all played together.

Then Mommy and I dried off and lounged on the astroturf while Daddy and Denny went on rides. I made lots of friends - I climbed on people, stole their hats and sunglasses, went through their bags, and ate their food.

When I was eating their potato chips, Mommy is pretty sure she heard me ask for "more."

Aside from chips, pretzels, and some fruit, I didn't really eat anything today. My second tooth popped through and my gums are bothering me. Mommy was so desperate to get some nutrients into me this morning that she gave me a cup of milk for the first time. I drank it happily.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Talker

Mommy FINALLY realized what I've been trying to tell her all along - I can talk! I've been saying "dog" for at least a few days. Today we were out riding my new tricycle that Saba and Yaya bought me for my birthday, and I saw the neighbors' dogs and said "dog." Later we saw a cat and I said "dog" again (close enough), and then another dog and I said it again. I also say it when I see Coby. I said it when I saw the neighbors' dogs lastnesday when we were out with Denny, buthe and Mommy weren't sure if it was just a coincidence. Today I showed her that it wasn't.

When I was ready to get out of the bath tub this evening I stood up, put my hands out and said "up." Grandma thought she heard me say "up" yesterday but Mommy dismissed it (again) as coincidence. When I said it tonight, Daddy said "I TOLD you she's been saying "up" for at least a week!" At least somebody believed me!

I also understand lots of words and signs, like "book," "ball" and "balloon." (I guess I like "B" words.) I will look for these things, or go get them, when someone says or signs the word.

I am on a food strike again. Now that I know what cake tastes like, I know there is better stuff out there than all this healthy food Mommy and Daddy are trying to feed me. I will only eat yogurt, pizza, or pasta. And maybe some fruit if they're lucky. I ate all the cheese off three slizes of pizza for dinner. Some of the crust, too, but Mommy didn't want me to fill up on empty calories.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Fun to be One

Today is my birthday (whatever that is). I am learning lots of new skills in honor of this milestone.

On Friday at bath time, when Mommy held out the washcloth, I put my face right into it to help her wash me. I am learning so many things.

On Shabbat morning Daddy fed me leftover birthday cake as dessert after my breakfast. Mommy told him I don't get junk food (unless it is a special occasion, like my birthday party) until I am old enough to ask for it. I AM asking for it. It's not my fault they don't understand me!

I love to play with my new Bimba (ride-on car) from Aunt Tahli, Uncle Tomer, Yuvali and Yoavi. Mommy taught me how to open the trunk, and I am trying to figure out how to sort the shapes into the right holes. I like to watch Mommy put them in and I hand her the shapes so she can show me where they go.

Sometimes when I stand up and hold onto the Bimba it starts rolling away. I have to walk very fast to keep up with it. Mommy and Daddy clap and cheer when I do that, but I'm not really doing it on purpose - yet.

Over the weekend I discovered that cabinets open and close. Every time I find a new cabinet, Mommy locks it. Except for the ones with my toys in it. She switches the toys in the cabinet with the ones in the toy box so I'll be surprised. I like to open and close the cabinets again and again and again.

This morning during breakfast Mommy thought she saw me signing the word "eat" but she wasn't sure. Later at the park I definitely signed "eat" so she took me home for lunch. I signed "eat" throughout the meal. When I want a drink I just reach for my cup, though.
"Eat" is the second sign I know. I have been doing "all done" for at least a month. I do it when I'm done eating or ready to get out of the tub - but sometimes I'm lazy and I just wave instead of really signing. The sign for "eat" is much more recognizable.
I also have much more patience now that I am one. I can sit and wait and watch Mommy preparing my food, instead of just screaming that I'm hungry.

When we were playing this afternoon, Mommy cradled my dolly and gave her a kiss. Then she asked me to give the dolly a kiss and I did!

Soon I will try to get all these tricks on video for you.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Party Time

When I woke up from my nap today there was a big surprise waiting for me. Denny dressed me in a fancy new outfit and took me downstairs to the lobby, which was decorated with pink and purple balloons and full of people who love me.

There were pizzas, fruit and two beautiful cakes that Mommy made for me. Everyone had to share the big one, but I got the little one all to myself (it looked pretty big to me)!

I mostly played with the frosting. It was so fun to play with that I'm not sure I actually ate any of it.

I tried to take one fairly dainty lick from the top of the cake, but Mommy missed the photo Daddy pushed the cake into my face. Then Coby helped clean me off.

When we finished eating and singing,

it was time for the pool party. All us kids got into our bathing suits and splashed around until my friends had to go home.

Then I went upstairs to open my presents. (Well, Mommy opened them while I climbed on them.)

Grandma called to sing me "Happy Birthday."

I put her on hold a couple of times - I was really busy. I also hung up on her by accident, so Mommy didn't let me talk to her anymore after that.

I went to bed nicely. Mommy says I didn't know today was different than any other day, because I always think everyone and everything around me is there just for me. She also says that I probably forgot about the party as soon as it was over.

Little does she know that all night I dreamed of chocolate cake with pink icing.

P.S. Unfortunately the Tigers lost today. Daddy was right, they needed me at the game. Oh well, we'll get 'em next year!

Lucky Charm

Daddy has been giving me walking lessons in the mornings. He gives me one thing in each hand (crackers, for example) and then holds out something better (a piece of fruit, for example) for me to try to walk to so I can get it with my mouth. This morning I took two steps - twice! Mommy keeps missing it. I want to keep her on her toes. She'll have to stay with me ALL the time so she doesn't miss it!

We went to the quarter finals of the baseball championship today - a Netanya Tigers home game agains the Ra'anana Express. I ate half a tuna sandwich at the game. That's a lot of tuna sandwich!

I insisted on being picked up by at least three different strangers sitting near me at the game. I also had a fascinating telephone conversation with one of them.

It was a great game and we won 3-0! I really am their lucky charm! They always win when I go to the games.

Daddy said we might have to cancel my birthday party tomorrow so I can go to the semi-finals. We will definitely go to the championship game on Sunday if Netanya makes it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're Cousins...Identical Cousins...

Mommy's identical cousin Mindy isn't in Israel anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't try.

Here I am with Mommy and Denny in our matching hot pink and denim outfits.

We went to the mall and the Gymboree dressed like this. I held my arms out for everyone to pick me up. A saleslady in a clothes store, the lady that worked at the Gymboree, and the daddy of some random baby I was playing with.

Here is a picture Mommy FINALLY got of my tooth!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beach Baby

I went to the beach with Mommy, Daddy, Saba, Yaya, Denny and Yuvali. What a fun place! It's like one big giant sandbox next to one big giant pool. But the water in the pool comes and goes, so it's much more fun because you're always getting surprised by these things called waves!

Yaya and Yuvali made me little pool of my own. I had fun climbing in and out of it.

I tasted the sand. It was ok. Saltier than the sand at the park, I think. That's probably from the salty ocean water.

I also collected lots of seashells.

I was NOT happy when the grownups said it was time to get out of the water and sit in the shade so I wouldn't get burned. I screamed and flailed and tried to get them to put me back in the water, but no such luck.

Instead they brought a bucket of water for me to play with in the shade.

I played catch with Mommy for awhile. Yaya said I'm so smart she's going to start calling me Smartina. Saba, Daddy, and Yuvali went to buy popsicles and I got a lick from each one!

When it was time to go home, Mommy held me under a cold shower and then put me in a really cute new outfit.

On the way home, Daddy and I stopped at the Likud election and met the Moshe Feiglin clown, who drew my caricature.

I had fun in the bath. Mommy rinses my hair with water from an empty Trixera bottle. Sometimes I try to drink the water from the bottle. After my bath I brushed my hair all by myself!