Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This morning when Mommy took the pot of oatmeal out of the fridge for my breakfast, I pointed to the cabinet where the dishes are and said "pate." She needed to put my breakfast on a plate. (Actually, she chose a bowl. Fine, don't listen to me, Mommy!)

Then Daddy changed me and I screamed bloody murder, as usual, because those wipes are COLD and it is winter! He wouldn't want cold, wet wipes on his tushie either. Mommy said if I don't like the wipes then next time I make a poop I should do it on the potty.

I figured it was worth a shot, so I decided to sit on the potty right then and there, but I was done pooping. I tried again later but nothing happened. Then I finished my morning, took a nap, got up, had lunch, played with Mommy's hats...and then I had to poop again. So I ran into the bathroom, got my "pie" (just like Mommy called it when she was my age) and brought it to Mommy, and I made a poop in it and then we had another big celebration (I could get used to this)! I tried again one more time in the afternoon but nothing happened. That's ok, I figure better safe than sorry. Besides, potty time is quality time with Mommy. We read books and play and sometimes Coby comes over to give me a hug. Mommy was 18 months old when she was potty trained - but she says there's no rush, it's not a competition.

I love playing with Mommy's hats. I make her take out lots of them from her closet and then she has to put them all on top of each other, one after another. Then she says "Caps for sale, caps for sale, 50 cents a cap." I don't know WHAT she's talking about! She says it's a quote from some book that's from before my time. While we were playing I looked up and saw Mommy's shaw(l) hanging on the closet door so she showed me how to wear it. It's pretty. She was surprised that I knew the word "shaw." But I did repeat pretty much every other word she said today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Signs of the Times

This morning instead of pointing to the CD player I signed "music!" I love it when I can tell Mommy what I want.

In the last week or so I have picked up signs immediately when she shows them to me. These include "milk" (which I only sign when she reminds me - the rest of the time I call it "BA" or just point to where the cups are) and "cracker," which I don't do exactly right, I approximate it, but I use it all the time. I also use "cracker" to mean "cookie" because I get cookies so infrequently that I don't even know what they are.

Mommy will try to video me signing my new words.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Second Thought...

I take it back. I DO like broccoli after all. Cauliflower too (which I also spit out yesterday). Mommy was eating the veggies I left over from yesterday (that is, everything but the carrots) and I asked her for some. She was skeptical but let me have a taste anyway. I kept asking for more, more, more, and I did a dance of joy while I was chewing!

I also love oatmeal. Mommy made a big pot of it this morning and I must have had three or four bowls between brunch and lunch. I say "Mmmmmm" after every bite.

My new favorite book is My First Word Book. There's a ball on the cover! I love to point to the pictures and have Mommy tell me what they are. I sign or say all the ones I know. There are so many - body parts like hair, ears, eyes, nose and mouth, clothes like shoes, socks and hats, a phone, a chair, a book, a cat, a dog, a cow (well, "moo," but pigs and horses are also "moo"s), milk, cheese, crackers, banana, and butter (my new favorite food).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Like a Fish

Here are some pictures from swimming class today. I was the ONLY one to smile for my pictures! I LOVE THE WATER!

Smarty Pants

Yesterday before Shabbat, Daddy gave me a bath. When he drained out the water he picked up what the thought was a piece of steak he had just made for Shabbat dinner. Don't ask me how he thought he'd bathed me without noticing that I was eating steak (especially since I was eating a cookie during my bath). Anyway, there was a shriek when Daddy realized what he was holding was actually poop. (He says this story is NOT funny, but Mommy says it is funny if you were not the one holding the poop.)

But don't worry, after that practical joke I showed Mommy and Daddy that I know where big girls poop. I sat on the "pah " (potty) for a long time and read stories with Mommy. When I was done we flushed the poop away and I got a piece of chocolate! I hate having poopy diapers changed, especially in the winter because the wipes and cream are so cold. Mommy says when I make all my poops in the potty I won't have to wear diapers anymore. Yay!

This morning Mommy opened the fridge to let me decide what I wanted for breakfast and I chose vegetables. I have been working for quite some time on eating with a fork and spoon. I do pretty well with yogurt and a spoon, but never managed to make any headway with a fork. At least, not until this morning, when I speared myself a nice big piee of broccoli. Unfortunately I don't like broccoli. I was aiming for a carrot!

I impressed all of Mommy and Daddy's friends at lunch by teaching them my repertoire of signs and eating a nice big lunch. The also loved my hairdo, which I've been sporting for a couple of weeks now (whenever I don't pull the rubberbands out and then make Mommy put them back in).

[insert photos]

After my nap I was playing with my phonics magnets. Mommy thought it was just a coincidence that when the song got as far as ABCDEFG, I pushed the "H." But then I did it again!

I took my socks off and then was surprised that the kitchen floor was too cold to walk on. Mommy taught me how to walk on her feet. It was so funny!

This evening I asked Mommy to give me a box of hot cocoa packets from the counter. I took out all the packets, showed Mommy the empty box and said "duh" (done). Then I went and threw it in the garbage.