Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Fun to be One

Today is my birthday (whatever that is). I am learning lots of new skills in honor of this milestone.

On Friday at bath time, when Mommy held out the washcloth, I put my face right into it to help her wash me. I am learning so many things.

On Shabbat morning Daddy fed me leftover birthday cake as dessert after my breakfast. Mommy told him I don't get junk food (unless it is a special occasion, like my birthday party) until I am old enough to ask for it. I AM asking for it. It's not my fault they don't understand me!

I love to play with my new Bimba (ride-on car) from Aunt Tahli, Uncle Tomer, Yuvali and Yoavi. Mommy taught me how to open the trunk, and I am trying to figure out how to sort the shapes into the right holes. I like to watch Mommy put them in and I hand her the shapes so she can show me where they go.

Sometimes when I stand up and hold onto the Bimba it starts rolling away. I have to walk very fast to keep up with it. Mommy and Daddy clap and cheer when I do that, but I'm not really doing it on purpose - yet.

Over the weekend I discovered that cabinets open and close. Every time I find a new cabinet, Mommy locks it. Except for the ones with my toys in it. She switches the toys in the cabinet with the ones in the toy box so I'll be surprised. I like to open and close the cabinets again and again and again.

This morning during breakfast Mommy thought she saw me signing the word "eat" but she wasn't sure. Later at the park I definitely signed "eat" so she took me home for lunch. I signed "eat" throughout the meal. When I want a drink I just reach for my cup, though.
"Eat" is the second sign I know. I have been doing "all done" for at least a month. I do it when I'm done eating or ready to get out of the tub - but sometimes I'm lazy and I just wave instead of really signing. The sign for "eat" is much more recognizable.
I also have much more patience now that I am one. I can sit and wait and watch Mommy preparing my food, instead of just screaming that I'm hungry.

When we were playing this afternoon, Mommy cradled my dolly and gave her a kiss. Then she asked me to give the dolly a kiss and I did!

Soon I will try to get all these tricks on video for you.

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Alison said...

Way to go, Eliana. You're getting so big now. Pretty soon you'll be signing things like "I love that diamond necklace" and "Please give me the car keys"!