Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mommy is finding it difficult to paint! When she bends over her work, Mango puts pressure against her diaphragm and lungs. And when Monny's painting arm is leaning on her stomach (and it's hard not to, since what Daddy's refers to fondly as "The Belly" is always in the way), she'd better hope a big kick doesn't send the paintbrush flying!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mango is measuring 1 week small (32 weeks and Mommy is 33 weeks pregnant). S/he weighs about 4.268 pounds. Yay, Mango!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Today Aunt Maya felt Mango move in Mommy's tummy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today Mommy found out she has Gestational Diabetes. This means she has to stick to a special diet for the rest of her pregnancy, prick her finger 7 times/day to check her blood sugar, and get ultrasounds and nonstress tests twie/week to make sure Baby is not getting too big or too stressed.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Starting this week, Mommy and Daddy can feel Mango's body parts poking out of Mommy's stomach (usually on the right side). They can't tell what the body parts are, but sometimes they feel pointy like an elbow or round like a tushy.
When Mommy went to work at Camp Ramah today, two of her co-workers told her that she got bigger over the weekend! And Mommy was wearing black today - black is supposed to be slimming!

At the Post tonight Sheera the Knesset reporter said to Mommy "Wow, you're REALLY pregnant!" She confessed that she has known about the pregnancy for a very long time because she overheard Daddy talking to Mommy on the phone in the Knesset office when he thought he was alone. But she thought Mommy was only 2 months pregnant (or so) when she left for America so she was very surprised to see a 7-month belly when Mommy came home!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Today Mommy told cousin Yoav (who will be 2 on Shabbat) that there is a baby in her belly. Yoavi came over to look under Mommy's shirt and said "Ball. Ball." I guess Mommy's belly looks more like a ball than a baby right now. But soon Yoavi (and Yuvali) will be so excited to meet Mango!