Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I was a good helper. I helped Daddy choose pretty purple flowers for Mommy (I grabbed the bunch I wanted). I also reminded him to bring up some things from the car by pointing at them. Mommy gave me a bag of cookies to crush for the cheesecake crust, but I lost interest and played with my toys instead. I have many years of helpfulness ahead. In the meantime I'll just be a baby!

I have learned to put things IN and not just take them OUT. Last week I was already putting my alphabet blocks in Daddy's shoes. Then I would stick my head inside to look for the block but it was too dark to see anything. Usually Mommy would dump it out for me to see, but one time Daddy tried to put his foot in his shoe and found a surprise! At first Mommy wasn't sure if I was putting the blocks inside on purpose. Then she saw me putting them in her backpack too. Again, I tried to stick my head in the pocket to see where the block went and it was too dark. So I stuck my hand inside and came out with lots of surprises!

I also like to take things off the coffee table and put them in my toy box. (Mommy, that means you'd better not leave anything important on the coffee table anymore. Or else if it's missing, just check the toy box.)

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