Friday, May 4, 2007

Since Daddy is up North with the car, Mommy took me in my first taxi cab ride this morning. She figured out how to keep the driver from driving off before my car seat was buckled: she just didn't close the door. She was struggling with the seatbelt and the driver said she didn't have to bother but Mommy said 'yes I do!' Since the door was open, he just had to wait until I was buckled. Mommy wants to make sure I am always safe!

I was a pro at swimming today. I was the only baby who was happy and not kvetchy. I was also the only one to do the crawling exercise - everyone was too cranky, except for Yaeli, who learned to walk since I last saw her. I have a lot to learn. Maybe they were all so cranky because I was not in the mood to share today. When we all sat on the float in a circle, I grabbed every toy out of every other baby's hands! Mommy says that's not nice but what does she know?
I splashed so much today! When my teacher Yael picked me up I laughed and smiled at her, but by the time she counted to three I closed my eyes and held my breath and was ready to swim!

Here I am feeding myself lunch. I'm such a big girl. I can munch on a cracker and eat cottage cheese through a mesh feeder.

I didn't nap well today so I was very kvetchy in the afternoon. But then Daddy got home from his trip and I was SO excited to see him! I laughed and screeched and reached for him.

When I got cranky again Mommy put me in the tub and that solved all my problems. Bath-time is a miracle cure.

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