Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't feel well today. I haven't since yesterday, really. I slept most of the morning and had a fever of 103.3 when I woke up this afternoon. I just wanted Mommy to hold me all day. Mommy took me to the doctor and the doctor said "no more monkeys jumping on the bed." Just kidding. The doctor said she couldn't find anything wrong with my lungs, ears, or throat (B"H), but my gums were swollen so it's probably just teething. (Humph - I'd like to see her call it "just teething" if it was happening to her!)

In the evening my fever was lower (100.5) and I ate some yogurt and some fruit.

I went to bed but then woke up after half an hour and wanted to play. I've been playing for a long time with no signs of getting tired, and it's almost 10:00!

At Zayde's suggestion, Mommy is teaching me to make nice to Coby instead of annoying him. But someone has to teach him to stop annoying me back!! All he does is lick my face and mess up my hair.
Speaking of Coby, someone should tell Mommy that when Coby sniffs my tush, instead of telling him to cut it out, she really should check my diaper!

I just put a toy IN my toy bucket! That is a brand new trick for me - usually I just take things out. I have also been practicing standing up at the coffee table, bending down to pick up a toy, and standing up again to put the toy on the coffee table. It's a big job but I am getting good at it.

Today a man came to fix the drier. I wanted to play with his tools but Mommy didn't let. She told him that normally she wouldn't need the drier in the summer, but she doesn't want me to have to wear scratchy clothes. He said "That's a good mommy!" (I already knew that.)

Soon Mommy will post some pictures of me playing from tonight.

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