Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This morning I went to shul with Daddy so Mommy could rest. She really out-did herself, cooking an entire meal for company while she had an ear infection. Everything was so yummy - at least, that's what I hear. I went to bed before dinner (but not without dinner)!

I brought some toys to shul but it was more fun to crawl around and explore. I untied a man's shoes while he was davening and he started cracking up.

We had lunch at the Bodenheimers' (Mazal Tov to Hadas, Moishe and Yinon on the birth of a baby boy yesterday). My hands were full of toys so I put my face down on the high chair tray to grab a piece of challah with my mouth!

I played nicely with Oded and Anat Berry. I shook a rattle while Anat clapped two blocks together, and then I clapped my rattle against one of her blocks.

Several people commented that one of Anat's poulkes could encompass both of mine. Everyone thought I was so tall, but when we were playing next to each other they realized that we are the same height - I just look tall because I'm so skinny.

Here are some pictures of me in the pretty outfit that Grandma bought me for Shavuot. Mommy had to take the picture the next morning because I went to bed hours before Yom Tov ended.

People enjoyed playing with me at Ezra and Rachel's barbeque later in the afternoon. As usual, Ariel Ser took a lesson from me. His parents decided to let him try a hamburger since I've been eating them for months. (A couple of weeks ago Mommy convinced them it was ok for him to eat Cheerios.)

Rachel and Ezra have a puzzle mat with the ABCs. My friend Akiva played with an "H" (for hot dog) and I played with a "G" for ground beef. Then I dropped it and learned that G is also for gravity.

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