Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Uncle Izzy!

Today's post is dedicated to Uncle Izzy because it's his birthday (whatever that is). Mommy says he is her little brother. I don't know what a "brother" is but I know what "little" means and I sure don't think he's little!

Here I am with some toys he gave me. They are perfect for the high chair because I can get yogurt (or whatever) all over them and then Mommy can just throw them in the sink. But sometimes my mouth is so full of toys that there's no room for food!

Today I started waving my hand (rather than my whole arm). I wave at myself, just like Mommy did when she was a baby. It's so cute.

Mommy & Daddy think I am taking Hebrew lessons when they're not looking. I say "abba" all day long - and no one even uses that word in our house!

Here I am playing in another big white box that I recently discovered.

This afternoon Mommy & Daddy took me to my first "Sing & Sign" class. My friends Eliya and Noah were there, and I made lots of new friends. We learned a song for changing diapers (though Daddy already sings me one he made up), we played the drums and maracas, and we learned lots of signs. Now if only Mommy and Daddy will remember to use them! I was the only baby that could beat on the drum without their mommy's help. And I am so lucky to be one of the only kids who can come with both parents. Maybe next week I'll post pictures from Sing & Sign.

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