Friday, May 25, 2007

Day with Daddy

I have reverted to my old sleep habits (waking every 2 hours at night and refusing to go back to sleep unless Mommy nurses me, getting up extra-early in the morning, and napping poorly during the day if at all). This, along with Mommy's cooking and entertaining on Shavuot when she was sick, means she is very exhausted.

So today Daddy and I spent the day together, letting Mommy sleep till late in the afternoon. We got up early to play and eat breakfast, went swimming, went to Miriam Katz's Simchat Bat, went shopping, walked Coby, and took a bath. I picked out flowers for Mommy (purple again)! Mommy only watched me for about an hour, fed me dinner and put me to bed.

Daddy says I'm just like Michale Jordan because I stick my tongue out all the time. Saba Itzik says when he was a kid he used to stick out his tongue when he was concentrating.

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