Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I like to hold one food in each hand and take turns taking bites from each. Today I ate a big "10:00 meal" (as they call morning snack in Israel): a cracker in one hand, halved cherry tomatoes in a mesh feeder in my other hand, and Mommy fed me yumlette and avocado between bites. I know which end of the feeder has food in it, and if I put the handle in my mouth I know to turn it so the mesh part goes in my mouth!

It's still too hot to play outside so Mommy took me to the pool to swim with my friends Sam and Talya and their mommies. It was my first time in an outdoor pool, and the water was colder than I am used to but it was nice. Mommy had to put sunscreen on my head and it looked like I'd gotten a bad mousse job!
Everyone was impressed at my swimming skills! My favorite part of the day was grabbing the other babies' hair. I want some of my own but Mommy says that's not the way to get it.
After we dried off, I played in the grass with Talya. I also tasted a bean from Sam's soup. I liked it! (Is there anything I don't like?)

When we got home I was so tired that I went to bed over an hour early.

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Grandma said...

I'm proud that you are learning to make nice to Coby.
Mommy can begin teaching you to let Coby know not to bother you. You are a quick study & as you are getting bigger it will get easier for Coby to understand you too.
He's just so much bigger that it isn't so easy to get him to understand you. :)

Grandma Loves you Hertzela