Monday, May 28, 2007

Daddy took me to an event today and introduced me to a politician. I didn't know what a politician was so Daddy told me that it's someone who says one thing and means another. I guess when I say "Ba Ba Ba" but I mean "Daddy, I don't want any more cottage cheese, give me some of those yummy peaches," I must be a politician too.

Ehud Barak shook my hand and told me to vote for him in 2025. Yeah, right. Zayde asked if I puked on him or bit him. Silly Zayde - I don't have any teeth!

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Grandma said...

you don't remember but you met Ruby Rivlin & Zevulen Orlev at your Simchat Bat. I think Mommy should make a special album with photos of you & famous people you've met.