Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I love learning Torah

Today we hosted the Mommy and Baby Shiur at our house. There were so many mommies and babies that there was barely enough room for everyone! There were 11 mommies and 12 babies in our tiny living room! Plus one big dog. All the kids liked Coby.

We learned about the parsha (Shlach). The spies said negative things about the Land of Israel, and the media perpetuates this today. According to some commentaries, the Jews were exiled from our land because of the sin of the spies. To correct this, we need to spread positive, true information about Israel, and respond to inaccurate reports. Good thing my Daddy does this for a living!

Keren & Yitzchak, me, Yemima, Hillel, Shilo

Bella, Sophie, the mom & baby whose names Mommy always forgets, Yochai, Dassie, Shilo, Nachman Noam, Elana, Yehuda, Sharona, Yitzchak, Yemima, Sarah, me

Same as above plus Hillel

Dassie, Nachman Noam, Elana, Sharona, Shilo, Bella, Yemima, me

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