Thursday, June 21, 2007

One sweet day

Mommy finally found something that I'll eat - Zayde's macaroni & cheese! I LOVE it and would eat it for every meal if she'd let me. Mommy has tried to make it before but it never came out quite right. Today she discovered the secret ingredient - you have to be making it for your child. It came out perfect!

I am definitely cousin Denny's baby. (Denny is Mommy's "baby" because Graunt Sue couldn't make it to Mommy's Bat Mitzva because she was too sick from her pregnancy with Denny, so she told Mommy she could have the baby as her Bat Mitzva present. Denny decided that since Mommy is her mom's baby, that must make me hers.)
When I was at Bubbie's house in March, Denny noticed that when I'm tired and/or nursing, I like to rub Mommy's shirt or a blankie or my BunBun or pretty much any fabric between my fingers. Denny said, "Hey, that's MY thing!" Denny has always done that, since she was a baby.
Well, now Denny and I have something else in common: I don't want to eat unless it's food from someone else's plate. If Mommy or Daddy (or pretty much anyone) is eating, suddenly I MUST have some. Denny has always done that too.

Today Mommy and I went to Cafe Hillel with Mommy's friend Robin. Robin said I look just like Daddy, but where did the hyperactivity/wiggliness come from? (Daddy.) I crawled all around the cafe and made friends with the waiters and the other customers. Then I sat on the table and tried to get a sip of Mommy's iced coffee or Robin's Coke. They gave me a cup of water but I was not fooled, so I dumped it all over them in protest. Then I grabbed a fistful of sugar packets. Mommy tried to distract me with toys and sneak the sugar packets away, but I grabbed one back when she wasn't looking and opened it up and got a mouthful of sugar before she got it away from me! Yummy! When we got home Daddy said that must be why I was in such a good mood.

Then Daddy took me to the park. He wouldn't let me eat the leaves so I fed them to him. He also bought himself an ice cream. Of course, I could not let him get away with eating it all by himself! I snuck a few licks. He tried to hide it from Mommy (he told her the brown stuff on my shirt was dirt from the park) but she took one whiff and said "I smell chocolate!" So, Daddy got her back for letting me get away with eating sugar, I got two yummy snacks, and we all win.

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Grandma said...

sounds like you had a fun & tasty day with sugar & chocolate ice cream