Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I tried lots of new things today at Hillel's birthday party:

Pizza (YUM! I tried to grab everybody's pizza from their plates when they weren't looking, until Mommy figured out that she had to give me a second slice for my other hand.) It doubles as a great game. Simply turn it cheese-side down and smear on Mommy's clothes!

Bamba (I'm a real Israeli now.)

Riding a tricycle (OK, Mommy helped a little.)

Sharing (Whaddaya know, it's not that bad!)


Grandma said...

Eliana, you're a double-fisted eater like your uncle Izzy was when he was a baby. Just don't put your leftovers in your pocket to save for later . . . you can always get more. Love, Grandma

Anonymous said... sure liked that yummy pizza..where's my piece?
Your mommy definitely has a future in wonder she's always tired. XOXO, Cousin, Ali