Sunday, June 10, 2007

Double Standard

Mommy gets so excited when I throw a ball, but she gets annoyed when I throw my food. And she is always telling me to share with other kids, but when I try to share my food with Coby she doesn't like it. What gives?

I have been SO cranky lately. (You would be too if your gums hurt this much.) Going to Sing & Sign distracted me, but most of the day all I did was cry and make Mommy hold me. I ate a LOT though - a whole (baked) carrot with my chicken and potato for lunch, and for dinner Mommy started running out of ideas of things to feed me - I ate everything in sight! Green beans, a whole (egg yolk) omelette, tomato, cheese, challah - even peas!

Daddy figured out one way to get me to stop crying:

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Zayde said...

Eliana, maybe Mommy could get you a higher highchair. I know it is fun to feed Coby, but before long, he might think you want to share everything and start helping himself off of your tray. And right now, you are a growing girl and need your food more than Coby needs it. Love, Zayde