Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Eden!

Tonight I went to my friend Eden's birthday party. It's the first birthday party I ever went to. Eden seemed to like me (we've only met once before, on Sukkot, when I was a newborn) - she kept pointing at me and trying to touch me.

When Mommy put a piece of kugel on her plate, I promptly grabbed it. But when she put a drumstick on her plate, I promptly dropped the kugel and grabbed the drumstick. I gnawed on that for awhile (Grandma would be proud) and then Daddy put another drumstick on Mommy's plate, thinking I would let her eat it because my hands were full. Wrong! I grabbed that one too! Eventually I dropped them both on the ground but I didn't mind - I just fed myself Mommy's rice with my hands.

I picked on Eden's cousin who is at least a year older than me. I kept grabbing his shirt to stand myself up, and then taking his paci. He cried, grabbed his paci, and ran away.

There was a magician at the party. He held my attention for a few minutes, until I decided I wanted to play on the floor. The grown-ups asked if I was real or a doll. They also said I looked like a princess (I thought that was Mommy's name - that's what Daddy calls her). Then I decided to climb up the stairs - told you I was paying attention at the park yesterday! I climbed up two or three stairs and Mommy got it on video! Then she accidentally deleted it. Silly Mommy!

One of Eden's cousins was playing on a ride-on car. I grabbed the steering wheel, stood up, and started to push it along! I was really walking! Mommy tried to get it on video but the little boy zoomed away.

I also enjoyed playing under the glass coffee table and trying to open Eden's presents. Mommy FINALLY got a picture of me trying to stand on my head (or maybe I'm trying to do a somersault) - she's been trying for at least a week, maybe two.

So I got into some mischief and learned a few new tricks tonight, and stayed up past my bedtime. (But I deserve a treat after sleeping 10 hours last night and only waking up to weam for a couple of minutes at 1:30. Grandma even said she'd buy me something!)

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