Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mommy had a meeting at camp today and her boss's babysitter cancelled, so Daddy got to watch both me and Ariel. Ariel's mommy was worried that he'd pick on me, but I stuck up for myself. I pulled his hair and he cried. But then I made him feel better by kissing his toes. I was so nice to him, I even let him take a nap in my bed.

Daddy didn't want to change him because he was afraid of "boy poop." Mommy said the poop is not what he should be scared of. Anyway, Daddy did a good job and Mommy and I are proud of him.

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Zayde said...

Eliana, good for you that you stick up for yourself. I encouraged Mommy to stick up for herself when she was a little girl, too. (I guess you can always kiss their toes AFTER you first show them who's the boss.)