Saturday, June 9, 2007

MA! (finally!)

I had my first taste of apple juice today, and boy did I love it! I've had grape juice at kiddush, of course, and once Mommy let me drink some grape juice when I had a fever and she was worried I wasn't getting enough fluids. Today we had Shabat lunch at some friends' and they didn't have any water on the table so she gave me a sip of apple juice from her glass. Big mistake! I couldn't get enough!

Twice when Mommy took the glass away so I could catch my breath, I shouted "MA!" Daddy has been trying to teach me to say "Mama" for ages, but apple juice was the real motivation for me to learn to say the consonant "M" for "more."

I spent most of the meal crawling around on the floor looking for challah. I had one piece in each hand and one in my mouth for most of the afternoon. Daddy says I'm definitely a Kappel girl because I love my challah!


Zayde said...

Eliana, one day you will thank Mommy for not giving you too much apple juice, especially in a bottle or sippy cup. But if it gives you happiness on shabbat, perhaps a little bit would be OK then. Love Zayde.

Valerie said...

This is great info to know.