Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old habits die hard

Ami: I am two months old and I still like to sleep with one eye open to keep an eye on the world. I have been doing this since I was born. (Not every time I'm asleep, but once in awhile.)

When I'm in the bath I always hold onto Mommy's shirt for dear life. If I go down, she's going down with me!

Eliana: I still throw things (usually food) when I'm upset (usually because it's not exactly how I wanted it or because I wanted to serve myself). Then I say "want it!" and Mommy asks me if I'm really going to eat it and I say yes, and she asks if I'm going to throw it again and I say yes so she doesn't give it back to me. But now, when I have calmed down, I say "sowwy" and she knows she can give it back to me and I won't throw it again. That's progress!

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