Monday, November 17, 2008


Ami: On Friday I rolled over four times. Three times from back to tummy and once from tummy to back - in my sleep! Mommy only caught half of one roll on video:

Last night I smiled for the first time. Mommy had been wondering all day when I was going to smile, since I'm almost two months old already. Here are pictures AND a video. Lucky you!

On a related note, when I spit up Eliana says "CHEESE!" because that's what Zayde calls it when I spit up - cheesing. He sometimes calls me a cheese factory. When Zayde left Israel Grandma said I was producing cheese in an effort to keep Zayde from going on his business trip to Wisconsin.

Eliana: During the holidays Mommy set her breast pump on a timer so she could pump milk for Ami. Whenever it turned on I would say "PUMP!" and when it turned off I would say "SOP" (stop). I like to pump milk too, and Mommy finally caught me doing it on camera:

I can be very silly sometimes. The other night I ate my supper with both a spoon and a fork.

For the life of her Mommy couldn't figure out how I got sauce on my back. Until she saw me doing this:

And yes, I know it's almost December, but that will not stop me from being naked whenever I can.

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Grandma said...

I've watched Ami roll over & smile lots of times tonight! All the photos of Eliana & Ami are winners too ~