Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ami: My Doda Rella (Mommy's friend Ariela) had a baby girl yesterday. Mommy and I went to the hospital to visit them. Everyone was very impressed with how alert I am. Mommy says I suddenly look like a big boy and seem very interested in the world and people around me. (I especially like to look at her while I'm nursing.) I am only 2 pounds heavier than Baby Cornfeld but lengthwise I barely fit into the hospital bassinet!

Here I am with my new girlfriend.

Eliana: I am showing more of an interest in Ami lately. I like to show him things (especially things he can't have) and rock him in his chair.

When I make on the potty I show my treat to Ami and when I get new clothes I like to show him, too. Tonight Mommy polished my nails. I went with her to get the nail polish and said "take - red - ho-kay! one, two, free." (We have three bottles.) Mommy got the first bottle and I said "and.." and she got the second one and I said "and..." Then I showed all three to Ami. (He didn't seem too interested. I think he even rolled his eyes.)

Then I showed him my nails after they were done. (Again, he wasn't too impressed.)

I ask to hold Ami ("lap") a little less frequently than I used to (probably because Mommy says "not now" so often). But I am also willing to let Mommy hold both of us at the same time ("gether") more often. When I wake up, though, I say "No Ami! Ami Daddy." I want Mommy to myself when I first wake up!

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Gransma said...

Ami now that I see the picture of you& baby girl Cornfeld I can see why people in the hospital thought you were twins.