Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughtful and caring. And just plain talkative.

Eliana: Mommy has noticed over the last few days that I am using more two-word sentences and less word. stop. then. another. word.

For example, yesterday when we want out I told her I wanted "big stroller" (my big-girl seat in the new double stroller) and when we got to the pool I pointed and said "pool there."

I have also started using some expressions I must have learned from my teachers, such as "oh boy," "oh my" and "geejob" (good job), which I learned from Mommy and said when Coby ate the cereal I spilled on the floor this morning. I also spilled some juice on myself and said "ceam." Mommy didn't understand because "ceam" is usually "cream" so I clarified by telling her "ceamup" - "clean up."

When I want something I say "want it!" And there is one three-word phrase that I like to use. "No want it!"

When we were leaving for my swimming lesson yesterday Mommy told me I couldn't bring my beh-beh (blankie, which I now sometimes call "bankie"). She gave me some choices - I could put it in my crib, on the couch or on a chair. I decided to give it to Ami so he would have something to snuggle while I was gone. Mommy said I'm a thoughtful and caring sister.

After my lesson I took a shower with Mommy. When I was all clean and she was ready to get out, I told her to "go!" I was enjoying the hot shower so much I wanted her to leave me there. That's becoming a trend, actually. Mommy sometimes tells me it's time to go and she's going to leave if I don't come with her. I call her bluff; I smile, wave, and say "bye bye."

There are a few new expressions I like to use. If Mommy or Daddy ask me to do something and I don't feel like it, I tell them I'm "busy." Hey, if it's a good enough excuse when they can't do what I ask them to do, then it's good enough to use on them too!

When I want something and I'm told I can have it "later" or "soon" I demand that I get it "NOW!"

I have also started saying "mine" and "gimme." Obviously things I learned at preschool. I no longer like to share my food with Mommy and Daddy. I tell them it's mine. Although I don't mind if they finish what's left after I'm done.

Here I am eating a burger and fries for dinner, which I told Mommy was "mine" and refused to share. (When I was done she ended up eating most of it, though.)

Today Mommy and I were at the fabric store and I was showing her fabrics and buttons that I liked. I chose one fabric and told her "love it." Then I tried to take it down off the shelf and said "buy it." I told her I "love" several other things too, including the t-shirt I was wearing.

Here we are at the fabric store in our new stroller.


Zayde said...

I could go for a burger and fries right now.

Sounds like your communication skills have grown rapidly since Succot.

Grandma said...

Kappel genes are definitely dominant by the look of the bite you are taking into that buger :)

Izzy Wess said...

that is a great photo. any chance of getting the high res copy emailed to me?