Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time Out

Eliana: Mommy has been wondering exactly how and when to introduce "time outs" to me when I misbehave. Well, she doesn't have to worry anymore because I have started putting myself in time out.

Yesterday when she was trying to dress me I kicked her. Then I said "Time out. Nana. Andrea. Kick." Morah Andrea put me in time out because I kicked. We were in a rush to get out the door so Mommy just agreed that I should get a time out when I kick, but didn't implement it.

The next day I threw my food on the floor. I said "time out" and Mommy wondered aloud where my time out spot should be. I chose the ledge by the kitchen window (which used to be my favorite place to sit." I sat down there but after 30 seconds or so got up and said "ah weady" (I'm ready.) Since then I have gotten a couple more time outs (who knew hitting your baby brother could make your Mommy so mad?) and am slowly learning to sit there quietly until Mommy tells me time out is over.

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Grandma said...

you are learning every day & I hope you don't need to have time out because there are so many FUN things to do. I love you :)