Saturday, December 29, 2007


I was SO happy to see my Daddy at the airport. We skipped to the car together and I didn't want to get in my carseat because I wanted to be with him. He showed me around the house and we played with my toys (I had forgotten all about them) and he reintroduced me to Coby. I stopped saying "dog" during my trip (because there were no dogs around) so when I see him I point and say "Hi! Hi!" Then I hug him and say "awwww" (which is what I say when I hug any person or doll). Yesterday I noticed that he has hair all over his body. I told Mommy by tugging on his fur, then tugging on my hair, then pointing to Mommy's hair.

Last night when I should have been sleeping (I'm a little jet-lagged, but not as bad as on the last trip), I learned some new things. Mommy taught me how to put the shapes in the shape sorter. She also taught me how to sign "help." I caught on after she showed me once! When I am truggling with something she asks me if I need help and then instead of screming I smile and sign "help."

I shake my head "no" when anyone asks me a question (it's not my fault people are always telling me "no" and never taught me "yes"). This morning Mommy asked me if I wanted to get dressed. No. Did I want to stay in my pajamas? No. Did I want to go to shul naked? No. Mommy says she's got to stop asking me what I want to do and start telling me.

Today we went to kiddush at Chovevei to see all our friends from Kiddush Club. They remarked at how big I got (a little girl, not a baby). I was shy and clingy at first (I have been clingy since we got home because I'm afraid I'm going to have to go on another trip) and didn't want to show off my words or signs. But by the end I was playing with Josh and Yoseph's keys, pointing to everybody's noses (even baby Naava's) and I even let Gila hold me.

This afternoon I picked up my purse (full of bath toys from Auntie Maya) and my keys, looked around for my hat, put it on, and went to the door. I was ready to go out. Mommy took me downstairs to visit with some neighbors. Then we waited for Daddy to come home from his speech and make Havdallah.

Mommy thought she heard me say a few phrases over the last few days. Tonight she definitely heard me say "ah duh" as I signed "all done."

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