Friday, December 21, 2007

I Got Skills (Daddy would say SGils)

I have learned so many new things this week. At Grandma's I learned to say "hi" whenever someone walks into the room or I pick up a phone.

I have been shaking my head "no" for a month or so, but now I do it when ANYONE asks me ANY question.

This morning I started drinking from a big-girl cup without spilling!

The other day I signed "please" for the first time. (I REALLY wanted a cookie.) I have also begun to express an interest in coloring on paper, instead of just putting crayons in my mouth. (Of course, some pen/crayon/marker inevitably gets on the desk, floor, wall, or wherever I happen to be. And all over my hands and clothes, too.)

Here are pictures of some drawings I did while sitting on Grandma's lap in her office.

Here is a video of me doing all the other things I mentioned (while eating Bubbie's meatloaf):

1 comment:

Zayde said...

You gots gills? You are definitely a person and not a fish.

Very impressive - you've grown so much since I last saw you (a week ago).