Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Girl

This morning Daddy woke up to shouts of "Wake up! Wake up! Eliana pooped on the potty!" He jumped out of bed and ran to get me a treat.
Mommy cheated a little, though. She could tell I was about to poop and ran me to the potty. I sat for about five minutes and played happily with whatever was on the shelf - a comb, a brush, a hair clip, some tampons. When I got up Mommy showed me the pee and poop and we danced and clapped and cheered. Then Mommy showed me how to dump it in the toilet and flush. I am 15 months old, the same age Mommy was when she started potty-training. (But she was spending the summer with her older cousins and wanted to be like them.)

Mommy and I went to get our flu shots tonight. Mommy got hers first to show me that it wouldn't hurt too much. I was very brave and only cried for a minute. Then I got a sticker, which I tried to throw on the floor - but couldn't because it kept sticking to my fingers. I played nicely with the other children in the waiting room but then didn't want to put on my jacket when it was time to go. Mommy knew I must be tired because usually I get very excited when I see my jacket and know we are going out. Sometimes when Mommy puts on her jacket I grab mine too and start waving bye-bye to Daddy (even if Mommy thinks she's leaving me with him).

When we got home there was a dog outside and I said "Dog - fffff." Mommy thinks I was trying to say "woof." I also say "Boooo" (mooo) when I see a toy cow or picture of a cow (or horse for that matter).

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