Saturday, January 12, 2008

Smarty Pants

Yesterday before Shabbat, Daddy gave me a bath. When he drained out the water he picked up what the thought was a piece of steak he had just made for Shabbat dinner. Don't ask me how he thought he'd bathed me without noticing that I was eating steak (especially since I was eating a cookie during my bath). Anyway, there was a shriek when Daddy realized what he was holding was actually poop. (He says this story is NOT funny, but Mommy says it is funny if you were not the one holding the poop.)

But don't worry, after that practical joke I showed Mommy and Daddy that I know where big girls poop. I sat on the "pah " (potty) for a long time and read stories with Mommy. When I was done we flushed the poop away and I got a piece of chocolate! I hate having poopy diapers changed, especially in the winter because the wipes and cream are so cold. Mommy says when I make all my poops in the potty I won't have to wear diapers anymore. Yay!

This morning Mommy opened the fridge to let me decide what I wanted for breakfast and I chose vegetables. I have been working for quite some time on eating with a fork and spoon. I do pretty well with yogurt and a spoon, but never managed to make any headway with a fork. At least, not until this morning, when I speared myself a nice big piee of broccoli. Unfortunately I don't like broccoli. I was aiming for a carrot!

I impressed all of Mommy and Daddy's friends at lunch by teaching them my repertoire of signs and eating a nice big lunch. The also loved my hairdo, which I've been sporting for a couple of weeks now (whenever I don't pull the rubberbands out and then make Mommy put them back in).

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After my nap I was playing with my phonics magnets. Mommy thought it was just a coincidence that when the song got as far as ABCDEFG, I pushed the "H." But then I did it again!

I took my socks off and then was surprised that the kitchen floor was too cold to walk on. Mommy taught me how to walk on her feet. It was so funny!

This evening I asked Mommy to give me a box of hot cocoa packets from the counter. I took out all the packets, showed Mommy the empty box and said "duh" (done). Then I went and threw it in the garbage.

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