Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yesterday Mommy and I went to the park and for once I played with the sand instead of trying to eat it! There were some girls nearby who were saying it was too bad they hadn't brought any sand toys, so I crawled over and offered them some. The funny thing was, they weren't even mine. I just found them and decided to play with them and share them with everyone. Then I saw a girl eating potato chips and decided to share with her too.

I've got this trike riding thing down. I don't even hold on anymore. I like to drink from my sippy cup while I'm riding, or hold onto a ball or a toy. Then I throw the ball (or toy...or cup) and watch Mommy go fetch it. I turn around on the trike and won't sit nicely till she gives it back to me. Then we go a few more steps and I throw it again. Whee!

At gymboree today, Daddy wanted to climb with me so he took me out of the ball pit and brought me to the other side of the room where the climbing equipment was. I crawled all the way back to the ball pit. After doing this a few times, Daddy finally gave in. Later I climbed around with Mommy, made some friends, and made some other mommies hold me. Then I went back to the ball pit, where I made Mommy throw me in, scoop me out, and throw me in again about 20 times. Eventually she got tired so she just stood me up on the edge of the pit and gave me a little shove. That was fun too.

After my bath when she is trying to dress me and put different creams and medicines on me, I get mad if she doesn't let me hold all the tubes and phials. I insist on taking them to bed with me. But when I wake up in the morning they are inevitably gone.

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Bienvenidos a mi Vida said...

I really like the way you put the baby's point of view. It make me remember when my baby Lorenna was just that age. I wonder if she saw things like Baby Lolly's do.