Monday, September 17, 2007

Shlugging Kaparos

Yesterday Mommy and I went to the park. It was almost supper time and it was really chilly outside! I'm glad my Mommy dressed me in long sleeves and pants. Some of the kids were still wearing summer clothes. (It is still hot out in the afternoon.) I'm going to have to start wearing socks and shoes soon, too.

Mommy says I am very sensitive because when another child is crying because he's hurt or scared, I get very worried and won't take my eyes off him.

This morning I threw both of my blankies out of my crib at naptime, and then I screamed and screamed. I finally fell asleep with Daddy's date planner in one hand and my stuffed Torah in the other. When I woke up from my nap I held on to the Torah for a long time.

Later we went to the brit milah of my new friend, Golan Moshe Sass. We ate yummy food there and then I took a nap in the car (lucky for me that Mommy brought my blankie). Mommy made Daddy leave the car running and the air on for an hour and a half so I could sleep. She said not to wake me up to do errands.

When I woke up we did a very special mitzva called shlugging kapparos. Mommy swung a chicken over my head and made a bracha transferring all my sins (haha) to the chicken. Then the shochet slaughtered the chicken and gave it to a poor family to eat. We "shlugged" three chickens, one for each of us. I found the whole thing very interesting and meaningful., I really wanted to pet the chicken but Mommy was nervous that it would bite me.

Then we went to Daddy's office, where I played on the floor with the editor-in-chief and his inflatable globe and I opened a gift basket he received and played with the fruit and the wrapping.

When we got home we ate dinner and then we brought a bottle of wine to the neighbors as a peace offering. I think they liked me, even though sometimes my crying keeps them up at night. They didn't know I was so cute during the daytime. The holiday season sure is full of mitzvot.

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Zayde said...

I am very proud of you for shlugging kapparot, even though you cannot possibly have any sins.