Thursday, September 20, 2007

The "B" word... and the "P" word

Yesterday I rediscovered bubbles. Every time I saw a bottle of them (and for some reason there is one in every room of the house), I insisted Mommy blow bubbles for me. Then I insisted on dipping my hand into the bubble solution, trying to drink it out of the bottle, and trying to put the bubble wand in my mouth. Needless to say, Mommy had her hands full. I refused to eat until Mommy xconsented to give me dinner and a (bubble) show. Even then, I only ate my peas. (Have I mentioned I love peas?)

When I was ready for my nap I pointed to my crib, which made Mommy happy. But today I went one step further and learned a very useful new sign: "bed." Now I can tell Mommy when I'm tired instead of trying to lift up her shirt to nurse. I'm sure she will especially appreciate that when we are out in public.

I also figured out how to climb out of my high chair this week. I've managed to stand up twice when I was kept waiting too long, so it's no longer a safe place for Mommy and Daddy to leave me for a minute when they have to go fill the bathtub or make me dinner. One night Grandma "Babysat" me via the webcam to make sure I didn't climb out of the high chair while Mommy got my bath ready.

I some times let Mommy go to the bathroom by herself instead of following her in. She closes the door and I knock on it and she knocks back. I don't like it as much as being with her, but sometimes I play along.

I say "tum" ("some?") when I am pointing at something I want.

I understand the word "kiss" and when Mommy says it, I give her a big open-mouthed kiss on the lips.

Daddy brought me home a surprise today: it's green and it looks like a hippopotomus, and at first I thought it was a hat, but it's called a potty. When I was getting ready for bed Mommy sat me on it and I pished inside. Then she made a big fuss and called me the biggest girl she knows. I don't know what the big deal is, I pish all the time.


Grandma said...

It was fun babysitting you on the web cam & it will really be FUN babysitting you when I come to visit, IY"H next week.
I loved seeing you give Mommy a kiss when you Skyped me today.
It's impressive that you went potty today. Your mommy was trained at 18 months so you must want to compete with that age!

Zayde said...

lol - yes, you pish all the time, but now you can do hold out for prizes

Everytime Mommy used to ask for raisins, she was really trying tell Zayde and Grandma something else, too.

David said...

New skills are happening really fast lately. It's hard to keep up with you. I didn't think that anyone could be smarter than your mommy but there you are, breaking all the records. I can't wait to see you in December at cousin Mindy's wedding. Please don't steal the whole show from Mindy.