Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shana Tova!

I love Yom Tov! I got to go to shul three days in a row, eat yummy food, spend time with family and friends, and do my favorite thing of all --- daven! I love to daven to Hashem!

In shul I heard the shofar. I wasn't too impressed. It was funnier when Daddy pretended to blow the shofar on a toy banana. When I started to get bored, we moved to a different spot, and when I looked up I saw Mommy sitting in the balcony! I waved at her and all the ladies next to her thought I was waving at them and waved back. I held out my arms for Mommy to pick me up but she couldn't reach, so Daddy brought me upstairs to her. I had had enough of the toys Daddy brought for me, so Mommy offered me a teether. I promtly threw it down onto the men below me. (They gave it back later.) The best toy to play with was Mommy's machzor. Everyone smiled when they saw me davening. I did not want to give the machzor back to Mommy - when I wasn't davening from it I hugged it to my chest or carried it around with me.

I also enjoyed climbing up and down the steps of the women's section, going through women's bags and playing with their glasses cases, keys, etc, and of course banging on the window and screaming "DOG, DOG!" to try to get Coby's attention.

On the second day of Yom Tov we went to the Bodenheimers' for lunch. Bodi said some babies aren't with it, but he can tell I don't miss a thing. At this time last year he said I was the wiggliest baby he ever met (and he knows a lot of babies)! I ate nicely until dessert time. When Rachel gave Mommy a quadruple-chocolate ice cream cone, Daddy moved to the other end of the table because he knew what was coming. I took a few licks from Mommy's cone and then insisted on holding it myself. I screamed and cried and turned red in the face - my first real tantrum - until she put me in the highchair and gave me the ice cream cone. (It was naptime, though - give me the benefit of the doubt.) Rachel made a new ice cream cone for Mommy but I had another mini-tantrum until she let me hold that one in my other hand. (Doesn't she know I'm a double-fisted eater?) Rachel offered to make Mommy ANOTHER ice cream cone but she said she was sure I wouldn't finish them both and she'd just wait till I was done. Rachel said she knows kids and even if they won't finish anything else, they finish their ice cream. Rachel might know kids but Mommy knows me. I did not finish my ice cream. She did. (I didn't leave her very much, though.) Daddy says ice cream brings out the worst in me. :(

On Shabbat we had a picnic in the park with my friends. I showed them how I ride on Coby's back and on Daddy's shoulders. I like picnics because everyone sits on the ground, so I can crawl onto their laps and eat their food and smear it on their clothes. I'm not sure how the grown-ups feel about that. I really liked the chicken salad (Zayde's recipe) and corn.

I decided that since it's a new year it's time for a new bedtime. I started going to bed at 8:00 (instead of 5:30 or 6:00). Then on Saturday night we changed the clocks so now I go to bed around 7:00, which Mommy says is a happy medium. Since I was still up after Shabbat ended (for once), I decided to "help" Mommy organize the fleishig pots. (In other words, she forgot to lock the cabinet.)

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Grandma said...

I love to see you davening. I know Great Grandma Renee & Great Grandpa Nathan would've been so happy to see you too.
I'm glad you see your daddy daven every day & that you are learning from him.