Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too excited to sleep

When I woke up tihs morning my Grandma and Zayde were here. I prepared for their arrival last night by learning to say Zayde's name. Daddy has been giving me "Zayde lessons" in the mornings, showing me Zayde's picture and telling me his name. (He figured that if I can't say Mama, I'm not about to say Grandma.) Last night when I saw Zayde's picture in my photo album I said "Zayde!"

We went for breakfast at Tal Bagels and I sat nicely in the high chair for 45 minutes and ate.

We walked to hotels to make reservations for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. There was a fruit tray in a hotel lobby and I tried to pull off the tablecloth so I could serve myself. I was so busy having fun that I didn't take ANY naps today! That was definitely a first. I got hungry for lunch on our way home so we stopped and ordered a kid's meal at Cuppa Joe.

I came home so tired that I couldn't even stay up for Gymboree.

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