Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An artist (or gymnast) in the making?

On Monday night in the tub I may have said "duck" when playing with my rubber duckies. It's hard to tell because all those "d" words (door, dog, duck, dada) sound pretty much the same, espcially since I leave off the last consonant sound. Maybe I was calling them dogs. That's pretty close though, since they are animals.

Yesterday morning I redesigned Daddy's glasses. The people at the store who fixed it were impressed with my style sense and my creativity. A new career possibility, perhaps? Maybe I am taking after Mommy's artistic flair.

At lunch time I threw the chicken Mommy tried to feed me on the floor and pointed to the challah on the counter. She gave me a few bites of challah and then tricked me into eating the chicken by putting it chicken in the challah bag and then pulling out peices of chicken instead of challah. I can't believe I fell for that - twice! At dinner she did it again with tuna croquettes!

We went to a new gymboree and I had my first epxerience in a ball pit.

I also climbed


and rolled.

Today Daddy and I went out for lunch at a Shawarma place called "Mana Va'hetzi" ("a portion and a half"). Daddy told the man behind the counter that he would like a portion and a half because we're a person and a half. (Am I the person or the half?) I ate more than half of each shawarma - the turkey one and the lamb one. Daddy said he wanted to immunize me against a disease called vegetarianism. I don't think he has anything to worry about.


Zayde said...

Yishar ko-ach to Daddy for protecting you against the dreaded vegeterianism disease. Ask him to consider strictly limiting your exposure to vegetarians to non-meal times and not to leave you alone with them.

Be suspicious of vegetarians that claim to be frum, too. Ain simcha ela b'basar. Make sure all babysitters are not closet vegetarians - make them share a meat meal with you as a test.

And make sure the only pita you have anything to do with is not spelled PETA.

Surround yourself with joyful people like Daddy.

Carlos said...

Nice blog, The point of view of the baby. I laft with this one.

Grandma said...

I hope you take after Mommy & are artisitc. As you get older mommy will buy you crayons,markers paints, clay, water colors & more. These are all great to experiment with. Daddy's glasses are best left in the style that he buys them in. I have an idea though! When you get older you can help him pick out the frames he looks best in !

Grandma said...

you are very gutsy & fearless on the Gymboree equipment! I can hardly believe how you went in to the ball pit. I could hear the other moms ask if you've done it many times before. They were suprised to learn it was your 1st day doing it!
I want to go there with you when I visit you next week. We will have lots & lots of fun :)