Saturday, October 27, 2007

Walka Walka Walka

Mommy and I had a great Shabbat at my friends Adina and Hillel's house. My favorite part was that they kept leaving their sippy cups everywhere. Their mommy gives them juice, unlike mine who only gives me water or milk (not that I'm complaining). Every time I found a sippy cup I would grab it and chug ALL the juice down. Then their mommy would fill it up for them and I would keep my eye on it until they weren't looking. Mommy and I played a game of "who can get to the cup first?"

Last night we went to Adina and Hillel's grandparents' house. I behaved myself even though it was so late. (I took a nap beforehand.) I played really nicely with all the cousins and I loved their Savta's chicken soup (not as good as my grandma's, but still good). I also enjoyed munching on strips of shnitzel. Mommy says they don't make high chairs like they used to - the old fashioned one they had was much more entertaining than the one we have at home. Hilly and I took turns sitting in it. Then Mommy fed Hilly in the high chair while Lynn fed me on her lap.

At lunch there was corn on the cob and I liked it so much I wouldn't eat anything else! I ate almost a whole piece (two halves), and I carried one of them around with me for a good part of the afternoon. Mommy marvelled how anyone could eat corn on the cob with just four teeth!

All that playing with big kids left an impression on me. I decided to practice my walking and I'm getting pretty good at it.

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