Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun with Friends

Today Mommy drove me to Rishon Lezion to visit my friend Eden and her new baby sister, Liel. It took SO long to drive there (almost two hours) but I slept almost the entire way. (I only started waking up when the traffic got bad when we were almost there - I woke up every time we stopped and went back to sleep when we started moving again.)

When we got there I went right over to Liel, who was lying on a mat on the floor, and said "doll, doll!" I made nice to her. She was cute! Later her mommy put her to sleep in her stroller and I kept going over to peek in at her.

When Eden got home from daycare, Mommy and I were in her room playing with her toys. She did not like that one bit. It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears (except I'm the blond one). Someone was playing with her toys...someone was eating in her highchair...someone was hanging out in her room, and she was still there! We kind of got off on the wrong foot, and I don't blame her. She picked on me but I didn't mind.

Then we all went to the mall. When Steff went to feed Liel, she left Mommy in charge of Eden and me. At that point we ganged up on her. One of us disstracted her by dumping all the toys on the floor while the other tried to escape from the store to explore the mall. Mommy said people must have thought we were funny-looking twins - the same size, but one with dark skin and dark hair and the other with light skin and blond hair! We took turns trying to escape until Steff came back. Boy was that fun.

Then we all split up. I let Mommy push me in the stroller for awhile but then I decided it was my turn to push.

I saw a fun-looking "toy" (as I called it), a see-saw with Minnie Mouse sitting on one side, and I asked Mommy if I could play on it. She figured if she didn't put money inside I would be none the wiser, since I didn't know it could move. But she couldn't help herself and decided to put money in after all, because it was too cute to resist. I loved it!

After that I wanted to try every ride we saw - but I only got to ride four. (Mommy didn't spoil me THAT much, she only paid for two of them.) In the Garfield car I decided it would be funny to sit on the floor, which is why you can only see the top of my head for part of the time.

[insert video]

Eden and I rode in a car together but by that time we were enemies again (or else I was just tired) and I tried to climb out before the ride was over.

We also went to this great play place in the mall - it was like a miniature of the children's museum in Chicago (which I don't remember because I was only seven months old), only free! We could have played there forever but it was getting late. Mommy says it would be worth it to move to Rishon just for that mall.

Back at Eden's house, Steff fed me supper while Mommy held Liel. She said she misses having a newborn. (Uh oh.)

Then we took some group pictures before it was time to go back to Beit Shemesh.

I went to sleep as soon as we got in the car and I slept the whole way (only one and a quarter hours, thanks to the late hour and Eli's great directions).

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