Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Last night was Thanksgiving. I knew something was going on because Mommy had been cooking for days. And the house was so clean. She kept saying "let's read a book" and then only letting me take one book off the shelf at a time! Then all the company arrived and Adina and Hillel and I were allowed to mess up the house again.

Mommy made all these foods that she never makes (she says she made them last year but I had them in liquid form). I didn't want to eat any of them. I mostly threw them at the people sitting next to me or tried to slip them under the table to Coby. I went to bed without any complaining even though everyone else was still having fun and eating supper.

Today my aunt and uncle and cousins came over. I was too excited to do much napping. I didn't eat any of the Thanksgiving food, but who can blame me after all the cookies I ate at kiddush?

Mommy made me take lots of pictures with the turkeys, though.

Daddy has been trying to teach me that a turkey says "gobble gobble." He even switched my talking letter magnets to T for turkey and G for gobble. This morning I threw the G in the toilet, to let him know what I think of these lessons!


Grandma said...

try to find a different way to tell Daddy you don't want lessons -you can use baby sign to say "all done"

Grandma said...

your Thanksgiving feast look amazingly delicious, hopefully you'll partake next year :)