Thursday, October 18, 2007

Makin' Mischief

One of my new hobbies is taking things out of the baking cabinet. Mommy said it was ok because she removed everything breakable. But today she turned around and found me covered in powdered sugar. I bit a hole in the bag!

Daddy put me down for a nap and went to get some work done. A little while later he looked down and there I was, crawling into his office. He still hasn't figured out how I managed to get out of my crib.

When Mommy came home she did her weekly "sweep" of the yard below our window. She brought in 13 clothespins. Have I mentioned I like to throw things?

This one's for you, Uncle Izzy:


Grandma said...

It was fun to see you asking for tzirros, especially since you meant something else ! I liked seeing you walk from the fridge to the oven & then the cabinets. You are still holding on but you are walking alot more than when Zayde & I saw you just a couple of weeks ago.

Grandma said...

I keep watching the video again & again. I like the way you have magnets in both your hands & then you switch them all to one hand so you can have one hand free.

Izzy Wess said...

Thanks! I like to throw things too.

Zayde said...

Eliana, Grandma wonders if you learned to get out of your crib from the "Carl the Dog book."

Since you are such an adept climber, I wonder if you learned to use your aquarium thingy as a stem to climb on.